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Aug 22, 2006 06:54 PM

SF Tip Sheet for visiting Honeymooners?

I'm sure SF residents get fed up of the same posts from tourists wanting recomendations for dining suggestions. I remember that some time ago there was a tip sheet produced but I don't seem to be able to find an up to date version. I'm visiting California as part of my honeymoon vacation for four days in early October and would really value some recommendations - our hotel is close to Union Square and suggestions both within walking distance and further afield would be welcome. Despite it being our honeymoon suggestions need not be overly romantic - We'd really rather get a taste of the real SF. Bar and Club suggestions would be appreciated also (were both just 40 but funky although we might be a little past cutting edge hip-hop etc)

I'm also curious of which areas locals feel are safe to wander round at night and which you would recommend to avoid - UK guidebooks say to aviod the Tenderloin, Western Addition, Filmore and SOMA (at night) but I can't help thinking that they are a little over protective.

Any responses would really be appreciated and would help make our honeymoon really special

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  1. Lots of board favorites are in the Tenderloin.

    Here are some longish recent threads that should help you narrow down the possibilities:

    You might also want to pick up a copy of Patricia Unterman's Food Lover's Guide to San Francisco. It's the best primer on the local food scene.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks Robert, I'll check out the threads and post my thoughts back here. So far Aziza, Zuni, A16, Boulevard and the Slanted Door all seem good. Would like a good Chinese and good Mexican too

    2. in union square bar crudo (mostly raw fish and shellfish) is a good one...bush and stockton
      aziza is always loved and you can just take the geary bus out there.

      there are going to be a ton of recs...but if you are alone i wouldn't nec. walk around the loin' or the inner mission (14th and mission), but when with someone i feel pretty safe anywhere in general

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      1. re: Doodleboomer

        Thanks for the reply - I've just looked at the Aziza web-site and could well give it a go. What's the dress code - would jeans and a smart shirt be ok?

        1. re: Colin

          The Bay Area is notorious for casual dress in restaurants. Nice jeans and a "smart" shirt (I love British slang) will be appropriate for everything except for the most high end establishments.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Haha - is it that obvious I'm from the UK (lol). Thanks for the response

            1. re: Colin

              You mentioned UK guidebooks in your OP. I would avoid the Tenderloin at night and even keep my eyes open during the day. That being said, Union Square is right next to the Tenderloin, so one block in a wrong direction and you are in the Tenderloin.

              Depends on the part of SOMA you are in. Up to about 4th street it is walkable at night and has upscaled over the years. Speaking of Fourth, I would highly recommend Coco500. Lots of posts on the board. Very Cal-cuisine.

              Also it would depend where you were walking in the Fillmore and how late, but I wouldn't feel uncomforatable there late at night.

              There are a few clubs in that area. Soma has a lot of clubs and you can catch a cab to wherever you decide. I wouldn't walk anywhere at night between 4th and 12th.

              Any thought of taking BART over to Berkeley and going to Chez Panisse or checking out the Gourmet Ghetto?

              You really need to check out the Saturday Morning Farmers Market at Ferry Plaza which is a real SF experience. Also great for take home gifts. You might also want a copy of "The Chowhound's Guide to SF' which has some good hints about the farmers market vendors and lots of hints for eats in SF.

              Mexican is better downscale in SF and you might want to go to Mission and 24th and check out some of the street eats in that area.

              Hope you will report back and let us know where you ate.

          2. re: Colin

            Yes, jeans and a nice shirt will be fine, though it'll probably be sweater weather outside.

            I'm not sure there are any restaurants in SF with serious dress codes. Seems about as quaint as rules against unescorted ladies.


        2. Here is another Tenderloin discussion.

          I would be a little uncomfortable in some areas there especially later in the evening.

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          1. re: Tom Hall

            Might avoid the Tenderlion - as I understand there are a lot of Indian and Pakistani restuarants there but coming from Birmingham, England we have some of the best curry restuarants in the world (if you are ever in Birmingham (although why would you would be !!) check out the Balti Triangle - around a 100 Bangladeshi / Kashmiri restuarants within one square (triangular) mile.

            1. re: Colin

              Board favorites Canteen, Thai House Express, Bodega Bistro (Vietnamese), and A La Turca are also in the Tenderloin.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                Thanks for all the help guy's. I've ordered a couple of guidebooks as well to help with suggestions. I'll post my intended choices in the next week or two and report back when I return