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Aug 22, 2006 06:53 PM

Hollywood & Highland Center recommendations?

Aside from Vert and Beard Papa, can anyone recommend any of the other restaurants/eateries. I'll be attending a film festival Labor Day weekend, so will need to sandwich meals between screenings and buying memorabilia.

Last year I ate at a good soul food place and a simple hot dog place buried at the back of the center. Based on the website, both seem to be gone. I do already have plans to visit Musso & Franks, Roscoe's C&W, Mashti Malone and the hot dog place on Hollywood near Cherokee, but will need to eat sometimes very close to home (Hollywood Renaissance Hotel).

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  1. If you like burgers, I just went to 25 Degrees at the Roosevelt Hotel with a friend this past weekend. It's definitely walking distance from Hollywood and Highland (more or less kitty corner). A little pricey, perhaps, for burgers, but they were rather good. We split the caesar salad, and they gave us two ample portions on separate plates, which was nice. My sirloin burger was a good medium rare. We also got an order of half fries/half onion rings. I didn't think the fries were anything special, and would definitely get an full order of onion rings the next time. They also have wines by the half-bottle and by the "jug" (small - a little over 1 glass, medium = ~2/3 bottle, large = a little over a bottle).

    1. Lucky Devil is a few blocks down from that plaza on Hollywood, good burgers and great shakes & desserts.

      1. There's a new French dip place in H&H called The Dip, but I haven't been there yet to know if it's good. For snacks or a quick bite, there's Famima!! on Hollywood blvd about 1/2 a block east of Highland.

        Lucky Devil's pecan milkshake is delish! Cupcakes were nothing special. They have a good beer and wine selection.

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          The Dip was pretty good. Shared a meatloaf sandwich, pastrami sandwich, and a deep fried hot dog with 2 others. pretty big portions, too.

        2. hungry cat restaurant

          Los balcones del Peru (across the street from ArcLight
          )1360 N. Vine st.

          1. It ain't fancy but the food at Los Burritos (hollywood & wilcox) is pretty tasty. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and you'd be hard pressed to spend over $10 on the whole meal.

            For food and drinks:
            Cat & Fiddle is a great scene with acceptable pub food and drinks.
            Magnolia and Bowery (Sunset just east of Vine) are both relatively hip and happening bars with pretty good food.

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              If you end up at the Bowery, the sides of sweet potato fries and onion rings are excellent. I'm rather picky about my onion rings, and their onion rings are exactly how I like mine: very lightly battered, crispy, not too greasy, and thickly sliced. They will, of course, provide non-catsup condiments upon request. I had a tomato-basil soup (also great!) as my "meal," and the server only charged my rings as a "side"-- if you don't order anything else as a "main," all sides are $2-3 more expensive.