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Aug 22, 2006 06:45 PM

To drink or not to drink?

Hi anyone got input on an "Opus 1 1996".
Drink or keep?

Many thanks in advance

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  1. If no one responds, call the winery or go to their website. They'll have copious tasting notes and be likely to direct you to advice from a recent tasting.

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    1. re: Pei

      Many thanks Pei, I will do that very thing.

    2. Drink it. I've never seen a review of any vintage Opus that said the wine needed more than a decade.

      Or don't drink it. How do you like your wines, young (too late) or old?

      1. the chief issue with any wine with some age on it is its storage. if the wine has not been stored properly for the last eight years or so since it was released you should drink it now and hope for the best. opus one is a very heavy, sturdy wine and could probably stand up to less than ideal conditions for a while.

        ideal conditions are generally defined as between 55-60 degrees on its side in a dark, somewhat humid space.

        stored properly, i would wait another 5-10 years as the wine is quite tannic.

        1. I haven't had this wine so I don't know, but I would certainly question the idea of holding this wine for another 10 years. Not that one couldn't.

          Even the winery describes this wine as supple, with lush fruit and most telling - a smooth finish.

          I cannot comport smooth finish with "quite tannic"

          Most tasting notes available indicate the wine is drinking well.

          Of course, I don't think that being quite tannic is a reason to not drink a wine or necessarily a reason to hold a wine beyond what seems to be a reasonable time for drinking.

          That's the biggest problem with having one age-worthy wine.

          In fact, I am going to change my recommendation - don't drink it until you can decide, without asking strangers, when you should drink the wine you own.

          Look at it. Here you have two complete strangers - one says drink it now, one says keep it another 10 years. Why should you listen to either of us?

          The knowledge of wine you gain in a year, if you pay attention, should be enough to enable you to make your own decision.