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Aug 22, 2006 06:35 PM

IKEA-East Palo Alto

Making a trip up north to IKEA tommorrow (coming from Santa Cruz area). Last minute shopping decision.

Has anyone tried their breakfast? Also, just thumbing through their new catalog and lunch looks pretty good and the price seems right. Any feedback on either would be greatly appreciated.

Also, depending on if we decide to breakfast, what places within a 3 mi area would you recommend for a (late) LUNCH or (early) DINNER?

Thanks to all who reply.

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  1. Ribs at Uncle Frank's?

    Don't eat at Ikea, but that's a discussion for the Chains board.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      For x-reference, Uncle Frank's has re-opened in Mountain View at 2135 Old Middlefield Way, which is half a block Northwest of Rengstorff (or a few blocks Southeast of San Antonio, depending on how you are driving). It's on the Western side of the street in the back of a bar named Francesca's. A few months ago, the sign was not very visible when heading up from Rengstorff, there were some overgrown bushes near the street, but they might have updated the signage.

      Sliced beef was great. Ribs were good; sausage a bit intense for me. Portions of everything were enormous. Not really my favorite sauce, but many people love it.

    2. You might want to try Backayard ( ). It's one exit north on 101, and within your mentioned 3-mile radius.

      1. I'd second the Back-a-Yard recommendation, though I do have a weakness for IKEA's Swedish apple cake.

        1. Third Back-a-Yard. You can't go wrong with the jerked chicken or jerked pork. The corn festivals are good and the black cake sounds wonderful (raisin, dates, nuts soaked in rum, ground up, and made into a cake). They're out of ackee right now because supply is limited due to some restrction on them.

          I like it over Uncle Franks but if you do end up going to Uncle Franks, try the ribs, fried chicken wings, and sausage. The brisket is decent but not spectacular.

          1. Never had breakfast there, but I've had other meals, as well as the pastries. About the quality of a Stouffers TV dinner. I wouldn't recommend it.