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Aug 22, 2006 06:22 PM

Good wine refrigerator/cooler

Any recommendations for a good refrigerator/cooler for red wines?

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  1. Hi - taking a Calif vs. France wine class now with the sommelier mentioned in the following article. Discusses how to choose a wine fridge. Hope it helps!

    1. I recently bought a Eurocave and I've been really happy with it. Its quiet and it fits basically the number of bottles as advertised. I originally bought an Avanti wine fridge advertised on Wine Enthusiast with a 150 btle capacity. When it arrived I was annoyed to discover that they mean 150 Bordeaux shaped bottles. As I have far more Burgundy shaped bottles, it became an 80 capacity fridge, and I had to return it.

      1. Here's an earlier thread about wine refrigerators. I'm also in the market for a wine fridge and am considering the vinotemp 50 bottle capacity. Amazon has some good prices. DH wants something smaller, but we need room to grow. Plus, it will fit right nice next to the kegerator.

        1. Thank you all for your informative responses! This has been such a great help.

          1. I have the Vinotemp wine fridge from Costco. It claims to hold about 64 bottles, but you can't really put that many in there because of different bottle shapes. It is double-deep, you you put in some wines w/ the necks sticking towards you in the back row, then you put more bottles (necks away from you) between the back row. Because of tall-shouldered bottles or flared ends, you can't fit all the bottles in there.

            It is the best bang for your buck though. It is $400. You will have to call Costco to check availability, as I think they discontinued selling them (for now).

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                It is quieter than my regular GE fridge, but you can still hear it when it's running....and it seems to run fairly often. It allows the temp to rise by about 4 degrees before turning on to pump the temp down to your setting again.