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Aug 22, 2006 05:53 PM

Cheap seafood in the valley??

Is it possible....Last night I was craving seafood - shellfish for dinner. Not very Kosher, I know but, we all have problems. I love shrimp and scallops and learning to like crab. The heat keeps me from wanting to eat much but, a cold seafood platter sounded really refreshing. (no sushi bars)

Where can I go without breaking the bank. Prefer the S.F.V. Thanks :) KQ

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  1. King's Fish House in Calabasas is pretty good. very decent dinner (lobster tail & steak, fish tacos, platter of raw oysters, large beer, 1 cocktail) for about $100.00. Yum, just thinking of it makes me want to go there again.

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    1. re: ladius

      Thanks. Love this restaurant but, a bit steep right now for my student budget. Their smoked salmom chowder is the bomb! :)kq

    2. Next time try one of the Mexican seafood places -- Mariscos Colima or Bahia Caporales spring to mind.

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Where are they located?

        There's a mariscos place on Kester (I believe at Vanowen). Do you know anything about it?

        1. re: Jwsel

          Is that La Playita? Never been... I always steer for the Puebla-style place at Victory and Kester (SW corner) where you can get cemitas.

          Mariscos Colima is on Vanowen just east of Vineland; Bahia Caporales is on Magnolia just inside the city limit of Burbank (east of Clybourn).

          You won't catch me eating any raw food (just too squeamish, though I have no problem with sushi, go figure) but everything from the ceviche on up is fine... and trust me, ceviche with tostadas and a nice cold Tecate... there's just nothing in the world like it.

          I recommend Colima over Caporales.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            Thanks. I don't know the name of the mariscos place on the NE corner, but I may give it a shot. The two places you mentioned are a bit of a trek from me. If I'm going those distances from Sherman Oaks, I'll go to El Taco Llama.

            I've tried the Puebla-style place on the SW corner of Kester and Victory, but I've learned that I'm not that big a fan of cemitas (or most sandwiches, to be honest). IIRC, there was something unusual about that place, like it did not serve any pork dishes? Or am I confusing it with another place.

        2. re: Das Ubergeek

          Have never done that..Always felt that seafood from one of these restaurants would NOT be the fresh/safe I'm looking for. Also not too big on Mexican But, YOU say ok? Where are the 2 you suggest??

        3. You might try Sid's Seafood in Canoga Park (Topanga/Roscoe). It's pretty good and probably a little cheaper than King's. I think I heard on Wednesdays they have all you can eat crab legs.

          Also if you want Mexican seafood cocktail try Dos Arbolitos (Woodley/Nordhoff). They have a seafood cocktail packed with shrimp (the small bay shrimp), calamari and abalone that's really good, around 12-13 bucks.

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          1. re: markn

            Yes! - I've never been and I know Sid's has been around since the dawn of day. The Clipper Magazine we get has a coupon. S.O. and I shall take advange of it! :) KQ

          2. Also for another cheap seafood fix, go to Alessio and order the Di Mare salad. It's a warm seafood salad with mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, i think scallops too. Really good, around 12 bucks.

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            1. Oyster House in Valley Village, Moorpark and Whitsett. Have Oysters on the Half shell, then the Pasta De La Casa. The place is such an eye sore, but I'm never dissappointed with the food.

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              1. re: Veggietales

                Thanks. Love oysters! I'm always impressed by the quality of food from an establishment not necessarily the facade! - "Beauty is only Skin Deep" applies to restaurants too!

                1. re: Kitchen Queen

                  I care not about appearances either but the Oyster House's food is a perfect match to their decor... both are awful... went there and could not have been more disappointed with the food... don't believe the hype... i'm sorry but there is no excuse for seafood that tastes frozen in this town. Now the friend who made the recommend Loved the place but he also likes Barones (yuck)... maybe it's more for the older crowd? I just don't get how people can like it?