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Aug 22, 2006 05:44 PM

Fresher Longer food storage containers from Sharper Image

Has anyone tried the Fresher Longer food storage containers from Shaper Image that are supposed to keep food fresher longer....I was curious if they really worked or if I'm just as well off with my Rubbermaid.

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  1. For anyone interested ...

    I haven't tried them, but these really sound like they would work better because of two things:

    "Patent-pending silicone-gasket locking system and impermeable polypropylene containers keep out oxidizing air and seal in odors."

    The less air in, the longer things keep from my experiments with glass jars. Regular plastic containers don't seal air out effectively and the plastic itself breathes letting some air in.

    "Patent-pending antimicrobial silver nanoparticles infused into the containers reduce growth of mold and fungus."

    A couple of people have mentioned recently that silver will keep food fresh longer.

    They are inexpensive enough to give one or two a try. The starter set is $12 bucks. I might be near a sharper impage store this week and pick some up to try. Thanks for the mention.

    I guess I'll have to see if strawberries keep better in these containers or glass jars. One of the customer reviews on the site said the put SLICED strawberries in a container and they were still fresh 14 days later. Someone said it kept bread fresh for 10 days.

    1. I bought a set at Costco like this. Not exactly the same (they are clear with different colored gaskets), but otherwise are the same set by looks - silicone gasket and all. I don't have the packaging It was about $25, and I think they are terrific. I don't remember the brand, but they have "BIOKIPS" on the lid. Here's the manufacturer's site:

      I have found that they are not water-tight any longer, perhaps because I've put the lids in the dishwasher.

      They also look like the Lock-n-Lock food storage sets available on QVC. Here's the manufacturer's site:

      1. Answer: You are better off with your Rubbermaid, suplemented with glass jars

        Test results:

        1. I have these and really find them different. As a singleton I often had bread go moldy and veggies brown out. I find these HAVE really mad e difference. And the rubbermaid just went to goodwill.

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          1. re: jvonfurst

            I also have them and like them. They have made a big difference in vegetables lasting in my fridge. (I don't know if it's my fridge or what, but generally I can't keep vegetables more than 2 days). I also love how easily the lids on them snap on and off - you don't have to struggle with the lids like Tupperware and Rubbermaid lids. They also seem to me to be easier to than the Rubbermaid or Tupperware.

            1. re: omotosando

              There's nothing really wrong with them other than being pricy and from my experience being very little different than Rubbermaid.

              Not as fancy, but better for keeping food longer were the glass jars. I sliced some strawberries up in August. The Fresher Longer molded after about 2 weeks, IIRC. The glass jar of sliced strawberries has yet to mold. They still look good, but I wouldn't eat them at this point. I'm just leaving them there to see how long it takes them to look funky.

              I really think though that if you guys did back to back storage, using Rubbermaid for half an item and Fresher Longer for the other half, you wouldn't see much of a difference. I'm not so fond of the lids, but that's just personal preference.

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