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Aug 22, 2006 05:42 PM


Does anyone know of more places in the Richmond Hill/Markham/Thornhill area that sells inari (tofu sushi). These are so good but so rare in this area. I've only spotted one at Victoria Park at the Buffet City and then another one at the Thornhill Square (Banzai Sushi) which is really made really salty and disgusting.

Please help!

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  1. Just the other day I was at the T&T supermarket on Keele near Warden and they had tons of prepared inari in the sushi display case near the front of the store. They were very good...more sweet than salty. My 8 year old loved them and asked me to go get more. I think I saw them also at the food store in J-Town just down the street from T&T. J-Town is on Steeles just east of the DVP on the north side of the road.

    Have fun searching.


    1. They are painfully easy to make.

      Buy precooked Inari tofu pouches and stuff with vinegared rice.

      Preapre the inari pouches as the package directs (there are slight differnces between the refridgerated packets and the canned).

      Make three cups Japanese sticky rice in 3 and 1/4 cups of water by the simmer method. Then remove the rice to large, preferably wooden, bowl.

      Then, add, by slicing through the rice with a wooden spoon, a mixture of 1/3 cup rice wine vinegar (unseasoned -- if you by the fully seasoned vinegar, don't add the following), 2 tbsps sugar, 1 tsp salt. I actually like it a little more vinegary than this. Also, if you want, there are powdered vinegar packets that won't make the rice as wet and are pre-mixed.

      Now stuff the rice mixture into the inari. If you wet your hands with water, the rice won't stick as much.

      Once you have made these once, you will begrudge paying for them pre-made!

      1. Sorry about the incorrect location for the T&T supermarket. It is at STEELES and Warden, not KEELE and Warden....seeing as the two streets don't come anywhere near each other!! DOH!!

        I was just up there today and got fresh made inari. I picked up a can of the tofu skins and will try making some myself. Could not find the tofu skins in the refridgerated section.

        1. Thanks for your replies.