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Aug 22, 2006 05:40 PM

Sunset Grill @ Yonge & Wellesley

I returned from traveling a couple of weeks ago, and noticed a new storefront at on the SE side of Yonge & Wellesley. They're putting in a Sunset Grill, which looks like it should be operational in the next few weeks.

Just a heads-up.

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  1. Where the LCBO is? Or where Just Desserts is?
    There's also a Sobey's Express popping up around there too... very exciting. I live around there and honestly wouldn't mind if they cleaned up the neighborhood a little bit.

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    1. re: josamania

      I agree. Could use a little polishing. I hate having to walk out-of-town guests around an entire chunk of my 'hood. Where's the Sobey's Express going? And what is a Sobey's Express? A small Sobey's? Only ask as I'm new to Canada so forgive all the questions.

    2. The Sunset Grill is going in the same 'plaza' as the LCBO, which has undergone massive renovations over the past year or so. It has definitely been cleaned up. Another interesting addition to the plaza is a Chinese place called Sun Lok. I haven't tried it yet, but their 'street grill' which serves up meat skewers and potstickers has been doing bustling business. A chowfind in the making perhaps?

      The Sobey's Express is going to be on the other side of Yonge, just a bit south. There used to be a two-storey Burger King in that location. As well, they've taken over a store next door to expand the space. I walk by there every morning and peek into the ongoing construction. Depending on how fast they can stock the shelves, I see that place opening in the next week or two.

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        Re:Son Lok, I have been twice and have very much enjoyed the food (but, I am no expert on Chinese food - I just know what I like). Son Lok has moved here from The Grange where they occupied large (and costly)space. Son Lok was actually re-named from Yong Lok (a very popular restaurant in its time) at the Grange when the owner/chef moved off and took the name with him.