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Aug 22, 2006 05:32 PM

Breakfast South Loop on Saturday??

I am going to the Mt Carmel/Joliet Catholic game this Saturday at Soldier Field at noon.

Trying to find a place in the south loop that will be open for breakfast around 9:30ish

We were originally think of Grace O'Malleys but they do not open until 11:30AM.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can try wither Orange... a really wonderful breakfast place (75 W Harisson)... or of course you can try Lou Mitchell's

    1. A little bit closer at 12th & Wabash (and IMO superior to Orange) is the Bongo Room. If people in your crowd want something a bit more substantial/diverse than omelettes/eggs benedict(very good!)/pancakes, there's always Eleven City Diner just up the street on Wabash.

      1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I think we will try Bongo Room!

        1. Bongo Room is the right choice in that area. Be aware that the pancake portions are enormous - delicious, but enormous. A nice tip to know is that they'll sell you 1/3 or 2/3 pancake portions upon request (a full order is three huge pancakes). They'll even let you mix-and-match pancakes if you can't decide which ones to order.

          Personally, I like to have one of the egg dishes and make a dessert out of a 1/3-size portion of one of their decadent pancake choices. Mmmmm.....

          1. Manny's Coffee Shop!

            Corned beef hash with poached eggs and a toasted onion bialy!


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              You've got it right. That's the perfect breakfast for Manny's. However, if you want anything else (i.e., omelettes, pancakes, eggs benedict), you might want to go elsewhere . . .