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Aug 22, 2006 05:26 PM

Masala - a review

I went to Masala on Wellington for lunch today. Contrary to the comments from someone on these posts (who said they found the food was not spicy and boring), I found it spicy and very good. My two colleagues also enjoyed it very much as well. I asked for a pot of spicy sauce on the side to add if necessary, but it was NOT necessary. I had the shrimp masala (large shrimp, well seasoned) which came with rice, and excellent lentils. It also came with a lentil soup which had been given a very different taste to the lentils served with the main dish.
Samosas were not spicy, everything else was quite spicy and interestingly flavored.
Would recommend it. Open at lunch only on weekdays (maybe Sat.). Super convenient location from downtown. Prices include taxes. Efficient, friendly waiter.
Tues. evenings it is open for classes only.
995 Wellington
Tel. 514 287-7455

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  1. Glad you liked it!

    I really enjoyed it as well! Just wanted to add that they have a very cozy and cool room for private parties as well, with a private bar.

    1. I was the one who found the food boring. Glad that mine was apparently an atypical experience.

      1. Does Masala restaurant have a tandoor oven now? Last time I was there(around 2 years ago), he didn't have one.

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          No they cant have one for security issues in the building. As long as they stay in that building, they wont be able to have one.