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Aug 22, 2006 05:23 PM

Gemmell's in Dana Point Harbor

Again, had a wonderful meal at Gemmell's yesterday. Went for lunch and had the sand dabs, which were wonderful with a great sauce. It was served with tasty rice, small veggies and a delicious mousseline of carrots and zuccinni. For $11.95 there was a choice of soup or salad also. The simple salad had a nice vinegarette and the soup was potato and leek. We all enjoyed everything. The nice part of Gemmell's is the setting. It is nice to be able to sit and have a quiet conversation with each other. I have found since moving to this area from Newport that this is the place I take friends for great food and nice conversation. It always seems odd to me that people are waiting for an hour or so to go to El Torito, Wind and Sea and Harpoon Henry's when this gem is usually available.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Gemmell's is an incredible restaurant. Half of me wants it to be noticed for the outstanding food they consistantly have yet the other half likes that it's not too tough to get a reservation on the weekend. I highly reccomend the Sea bass in the mustard cream sauce (it's a special off the menu yet Byron seems to always accomadate us when we ask). Also get the Baby Veal Chops, (I know sounds inhumane) fantastic.

    I've seen that lunch special they are running, have to get down there.

    1. Wow, had dinner here with family last night, and this had to be one of the WORST meals I have EVER had in my life. My salad was wilted and watery, and served on a warm plate, my Dover sole was inedible, completely covered in a god awful almondine sauce that was a full on flashback to the sauces of the 1950's that are better left behind, my husbands filet mignon was ruined by an awful, slightly metallic sauce, I could go on and on.

      The one good thing was the chocolate souffle, it was pretty delicious.

      It seemed like there were some regulars, mostly older people who I think like the service and the attention they get from the very friendly staff.

      The food was really terrible and I would not reccomend this restaurant to anyone.

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        Don't know what happened to you, but Gemmell is a premier chef who has never failed to please. The regulars are regulars for a reason, and it's the food.

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          Wow, that's too bad. I've ate there 20+ times and have not had a bad meal. Give 'em another shot. Did you voice your displeasure, knowing how Byron is, I think they would have rectified it.