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Aug 22, 2006 05:18 PM

garlic in white pizza

Last night, Neil and I ordered a white pizza with spinach, mushrooms and anchovies from our local pizza place. We were out in the yard for a bit, and came back in to find two messages from the pizza guy. Apparently, they were wondering if we wanted garlic and since they couldn’t reach us, they made it without. What a disappointment! (Though we can sauté and add garlic on the leftovers.) I was surprised at the question because it was my impression that white pizza by definition included an ample helping of garlic. If it doesn’t, it certainly should. Your thoughts?

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  1. the first white pizza I had in the 90's used a classic white sauce heavily flavored with garlic. It wasn't part of the pizza toppings. It was a real eye-opener!

    1. That sounds yummy! Something similar to that is what I always thought was standard for a white pizza. They cover the bread with a “sauce” of garlic and oil, sometimes w/ some other herbs added, then put on the cheeses, then the toppings. Sometimes some globs of ricotta go on top. That’s why I was surprised that he would even think to ask if we wanted garlic. We are going to sauté and put garlic on top now, just in a desperate attempt to get some garlicky flavor, but it sure won’t be the same.

      1. I think a lot of people must freak out about garlic on anything. Especially if a pizza place caters to a lunch crowd you are forced to used that crystalized garlic powder otherwise it has absolutely no flavor at all.

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          I know just what you mean! I assumed that white pizza basically equaled “garlic lovers pizza” but I suppose the place may have had too many complaints.

          Luckily I am married to a guy who has some sense – I don’t think I could date someone who hated garlic. I love the smell of sautéing onions and garlic. You know how they say people will bake cookies before an open house? Sellers who knew me would make white clam sauce!

          1. re: meg944

            I know that a lot of people don't like garlic (I know, the horror!) because it repeats on them. Or they just don't like the taste. Perhaps this pizza place is used to a clientele that prefers no garlic, so that's their default.

            Personally, I can't imagine a white pizza without garlic. Where does the flavor come from? I hope you had some luck adding your own garlic after the fact.