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Aug 22, 2006 04:47 PM

Gnocchi for a birthday dinner

I am looking for suggestions for a place to celebrate my daughter's 12th birthday. She loves gnocchi -- so that is a must. We are flexible on geography -- but need a place we can get into tonight! Thanks for your help....

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  1. Apizz and Peasant (same owners) have wonderful gnocchi and a festive setting. Lupa is also great.

    1. I always have gnocchi if it's on the pick in NY is Hearth. But...their gnocchi is light and fluffy, and served with salt, butter and cheese-no other sauce. It's a side dish, so you could have just that at the bar, and try another place as well!

      I also like ViceVersa, but that's more exotic-last time I was there they had regular and one made with squid ink.

      Remi makes a fine gnocchi, but they frequently change the sauce, so you'd want to call and check.

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        Hearth's gnocchi is one terrific gnocchi.
        You gotta add a last-minute touch of cracked peppers by Marco on the dish.

      2. Max has great classic gnocchi...and large portions too.

        1. My favorite would have to be the ricotta gnocchi with fennel sausage ragu at Lupa. You'll want to call right away to see if they can squeeze you in, though.

          If you can't get into Lupa, I'd agree with the opinions above on Hearth--a solid 2nd choice and much easier to get a table at.

          1. Il bagatto makes really good gnocchi.
            I also agree with teh REMI rec.