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Aug 22, 2006 04:35 PM

Dinner in Montreal Friday night

Hi all:
I'll be visiting Montreal for a week, beginning Friday, and just discovered that a good friend will be there at the same time celebrating her birthday. Any suggestions for a good restaurant where I'd be able to get a reservation for 4 people at this late date? We'd like something fun and/or festive, with good food that's not insanely expensive ($40-$50 U.S. per person is fine). We'd consider a BYOW option if that helps. Also, she doesn't eat red meat, so something with seafood or vegetarian options would be ideal. Thanks! (And other thoughts for the rest of week are most welcome too!)

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  1. I would suggest La Loïe on René-Lévesque East. It's right in your budget and you'll be able to try many dishes as the prtions are in between appetizer and main course. What I love about celebrating something there is that they offer their entire wine list by the glass at no extra mark-up than the price of the bottle so you can actually have a glass of bubbly to toast the evening and then move on to wine without breaking the bank or your liver!


    René-Lévesque corner Panet.