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Date spot in Orange County?

Hey chowhounds,

I was wondering if anyone out there, with your plethora of restaurant knowledge, could reccommend a good date spot in Orange County. Specifically spots in or around Newport. My girlfriend and I enjoy all types of cuisine and even enjoy experimenting with new ones. Thanks in advance for your responses!

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  1. You said "date spot". Does that mean you are looking for quiet and romatic or upbeat, hip and lively?

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      Thanks for the recs everyone! I was thinking upbeat, hip, and lively would be perfect. How about some recs with these characteristics. I've been to La Cave a few times, and have had a great time. Thanks again!

    2. Quiet and romantic - "Basilic" on Balboa Island. French cuisine done by a Swiss chef.

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        Basilic is One of our favorites.
        OC is difficult when it comes to great Cusine.
        Ambrosia(SA) is very Romantic and has wonderful fusion Food.

      2. For dates - Laguna BEach
        Orange Inn or Ruby's Shake Shack
        both have killer date shakes.

        1. five crown in corona del mar
          melting pot in irvine (fondue chain, i would go just for the dessert fondues, they are to die for and super romantic, a great way to end your night)

          1. 21 Oceanfront in Newport Beach---The Ritz Restaurant across from the NPB Marriott---Antonello's in South Coast Village

            1. Ate at Blue Coral last night, food was good, atmosphere and service excellent

              1. Here are a few places where the atmosphere and service is as entertaining as the food.

                Hush, Laguna Beach, uber-hip, interesting menu, awsome patio view, go be among the beautiful people
                Cafe Zoolu, Laguna Beach, crazy good seafood, jam-ass packed most of the time with Lagunatics, make reservations
                Tapas, Irvine, catch the Flamenco show
                Agora Churrascaria, Irvine, dont eat for a week before you go, you'll need the room
                Shushi Wasabi, Tustin, sit down, shut up, eat what ever the chef puts in front of you

                1. Boardwalk, Crystal Cove - we're waiting for the tourists to clear out, but if you go midweek, the wait won't be as long. Food is good, setting is very cool - ask for beachfront on the patio.

                  230 Forest, Laguna

                  Bungalow, CdM

                  Gulfstream's Bar for Crabcakes & a Caesar (call to make sure they're on special & they haven't run out yet)

                  Bamboo Terrace - CdM

                  Francoli patio - Fashion Island

                  Wildfish is loud, but fun - esp. if you get one of those tables for two right off the bar

                  Sage (NB) on the patio

                  And, if you promise not to tell anyone, mojitos at the Rooftop bar at sunset in La Casa de la Camino Hotel in Laguna - food is forgettable - go only for drinks!