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Aug 22, 2006 04:31 PM

Date spot in Orange County?

Hey chowhounds,

I was wondering if anyone out there, with your plethora of restaurant knowledge, could reccommend a good date spot in Orange County. Specifically spots in or around Newport. My girlfriend and I enjoy all types of cuisine and even enjoy experimenting with new ones. Thanks in advance for your responses!

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  1. You said "date spot". Does that mean you are looking for quiet and romatic or upbeat, hip and lively?

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    1. re: cdmedici

      Thanks for the recs everyone! I was thinking upbeat, hip, and lively would be perfect. How about some recs with these characteristics. I've been to La Cave a few times, and have had a great time. Thanks again!

    2. Quiet and romantic - "Basilic" on Balboa Island. French cuisine done by a Swiss chef.

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      1. re: souschef

        Basilic is One of our favorites.
        OC is difficult when it comes to great Cusine.
        Ambrosia(SA) is very Romantic and has wonderful fusion Food.

      2. For dates - Laguna BEach
        Orange Inn or Ruby's Shake Shack
        both have killer date shakes.

        1. five crown in corona del mar
          melting pot in irvine (fondue chain, i would go just for the dessert fondues, they are to die for and super romantic, a great way to end your night)

          1. 21 Oceanfront in Newport Beach---The Ritz Restaurant across from the NPB Marriott---Antonello's in South Coast Village