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Aug 22, 2006 04:26 PM

ISO Cadbury Fingers

I am addicted to the Cadbury Fingers sold in the U.K. There is no methadone substitute. My old neighborhood market in Oak Park used to have them occasionally... and I've spotted them for sale on British-import websites, but am dubious about ordering from online companies I've never heard of. The UK import stores I've found in Chicago carry real Cadbury bars, but not the Fingers. Isn't there any retailer in Chicago that understands my weakness?

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  1. Hi Grenouille - I live in Uk about 5 miles from Cadbury's main Bourneville factory. Chocolate fingers are a staple at childrens parties in the UK but I must admit that I'm partial to the odd one myself. If you let me know your address I'll post you some.

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      Hi Grenouille,

      Check out World Market stores. I'm in Michigan, but I was at a World Market in Grandville last week and they had them. And believe me, I understand your weakness! It took all the willpower I had to pass them up but I have to fit into a Mother of the Groom dress in a couple of months and right now, Cadbury Fingers are not my friend!

    2. I didn't even think about World Market, and there's one 15 minutes from my house. I'm going to go get my car keys right now.

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        I hope you found them! Eat a few for me :-)

      2. Miejer stores have them in the world food section. British section