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Aug 22, 2006 04:16 PM

Southside Tacos - Taqueria Dos Hermanos YUM

Have recently been eating my body weight in tacos at Taqueria Dos Hermanos on ever-so-stylish (not) Cleveland Avenue, just off I-85. Okay, so it shares a driveway with a gas station, and is across the street from a rather unsavory looking "Gentleman's Club", once inside(the taqueria that is), it's clean and bright, and the staff are genuinely friendly. Al pastor and chorizo tacos ($1.79) are my fav's so far, though I'm still working my way through the menu. Homemade tortillas, a fresh selection of about 10 different salsas to choose from.

The menu also features a number of other dishes - soup, flautas, seafood, sandwiches, burritos, etc. So far I've only tried the burritos which are rather unexceptional and don't come close to the tacos. The soups look like they'll be good once cooler weather comes to town.

890 E. Cleveland Ave, open 7 days. I've only been for lunch, but I assume they're open evenings too.

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  1. where is this? 85 is a long road...

    1. Based on the fact that most of Sal's posts refer to the Atlanta area, I punched "890 Cleveland Ave., Atlanta, GA" into Google Maps and hit the "Find Businesses" tab and came up with "Cleveland Ave. Food Mart" at that address, which is located about half a block west off of I-85. Not necessarily conclusive, but seems to be a reasonable inference. :-)

      1. i didn't realize he was such an avid atl hound-- i don't get there much, so ignore most posts on the city. my apologies for the ignorance.

        1. Sal, what's the verdict? Is the Cleveland Ave you speak of in Atlanta?

          1. Well, the only reason I figured out he's (she's?) from Atlanta was that, like you, I was trying to figure out where the restaurant was, on the off chance it was in the Triangle area, so I checked his (her?) profile and saw all the posts (8 in all) were local to ATL.