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Pizza SNAFU ... the horror.

I can't believe what I recently witnessed. I'm still in disbelief. A woman took several ketchup packets, tore them open, and put ketchup all over her slice of pizza. New York pizza mind you, which is some of the tastiest pizza known to mankind!

Has anyone witnessed other bizarre uses for ketchup or has anyone ever witnessed a perfectly great food be violated in such a horrific manner?

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  1. I have used ketchup to make BAD pizza palatable (even then it didn't help but so much and I was too hungry to care at that point), but never on good pizza !! To each their own I guess...

    I use ketchup on lots of things..scrambled eggs for one. I also like to dip chips in them on occasion.

    1. My pops puts mayo in cottage cheese. I hear Nixon used ketchup. Both choices repulse me but the world don't move to the beat of just one drum...

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        I like soy sauce and hot sauce (both at the same time) in my cottage cheese. I learned it from my mother. Must be our Japanese heritage. When my husband first saw me do it, he was horrified--but now he's a convert.


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          As a young boy I loved ketchup in cottage cheese. I have no idea why. It disgusted my sisters. I got sick from it one day in the driveway (the memories we retain...) and that was it for me.

        2. Ranch on pizza. Actually, ranch on anything and everything. My SIL is a ranch fanatic and will ask for ranch dressing at just about every restaurant, even fine dining, to dip something on her plate it. I think everything is just a vehicle to get the ranch into her mouth.

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            My favorite pizza place, probably to cater to some strange snowbird tastes, offers a buffalo wing pizza -- complete with spicy chicken and bleu cheese. I was mortified.

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              The California Pizza Kitchen has Peking Duck Pizza - I think that's worse than ketchup!

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                Buffalo chicken pizza is amazing! A pizza place I frequent with my mother-in-law makes an excellent white-pizza version with really spicy, tender chicken pieces and a drizzling of what I can only assume is a blue cheese sauce. It's probably my new favorite pizza - all the flavors of wings without having to pick apart the meat from the tiny bones.

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                  Joanne's gourment on Long Island does this, and it's -amazing-.

            2. I love pickles and tabasco sauce on top of my pizza :)

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                Any kind of hot sauce. Also jalapenos. NO KETCHUP OR RANCH!

              2. When I first arrived in the US I was horrified at how much ketchup people use and what they put it on - fries, eggs, sausage, even cheese. I've gotten used to the sight, though I would have stared at the lady with her pizza. I guess I'm not a ketchup person.

                1. a friend puts extra salt on already salted french fries. I made the mistake of stealing one of her fries and I thought I was eating rock candy because of all the extra salt.

                  1. When I was on a cruise with my family a couple of years ago, we went to the steakhouse on the ship one night, and I saw my sister in law put ketchup on a filet mignon! Something like A1 I could almost understand doing, but ketchup and steak just don't mix if you ask ne (for that matter, if a steak is good enough I just skip the sauce entirely anyway.)

                    And my brother (the aforementioned sister-in-law's husband) is one of the "puts Ranch dressing on everything" types.

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                      I used to work with a guy who always put ketchup on
                      steak and steak sauce on his hamburger, never the
                      other way around. Go fiqure.

                    2. My parents had these friends that put ketchup on pizza. In fact, that whole family (mother, father, 3 kids) put ketchup on everything. The mother's cooking must have been pretty bad.

                      We haven't seen them in years, and since then I've never seen anyone put ketchup on pizza.

                      1. When I was in college, I used to purchase frozen pizzas and would add ketchup to them.

                        The text of your post and your use of SNAFU are inconsistent, do you know what SNAFU means?

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                          Here's the Wikipedia entry:

                          SNAFU: 'In modern usage, this rendering is commonly used, as is a "snafu" referring to an otherwise normal situation that suddenly went awry.'.

                          I'd like to clarify, to people like yourself (who put ketchup on their pizza, Alan408), that
                          I DO NOT consider ketchup on pizza as being NORMAL. You put ketchup on FROZEN pizza. Worse yet! You are in a league all your own man. Substitute FUBAR if you like.

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                            I did not know the "modern usage", I am familiar with the "original usage".

                            The "phrase" is from WWII, a sarcastic way of commenting on Army life. Situation (is) Normal, all messed up.

                            Based on your usage of FUBAR, we agree on that one.

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                              Hey, we're on the same page. Excellent!

                        2. In India, pizza is usually served with ketchup.

                          I have to admit I'm a ketchup lover. I like it on scrambled eggs sometimes (unless they are just the way I like em, soft with shallots). I also like it on pasta with a little bit of butter, or if i'm feeling really cranky and lazy, i'll make some full fat kraft macaroni and cheese, and add a little bit of ketchup to that. Disgusting, I know.

                          But I wouldn't put ketchup on a slice of good NY thin crust pizza.

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                            Yes!! I'll admit to doing the same, making a big batch of kraft mac and cheese, and putting ketchup on it... or sriracha sauce. Very guilty pleasure.

                          2. my brother likes ketchup on his grilled cheese tortillas!!! and on his grilled cheese.....I have always been apaulled! it looks so gross..............oh well, maybe its just me.
                            But that ketchup and pizza thing...ewwwwww!!!!!!

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                              I do like ketchup with my grilled cheese sandwiches...a sweet tomato relish is better though.

                            2. I'm surprised no one mentioned salad yet. I witnessed a woman completely smother her
                              salad greens with ketchup. The salad takes on a rather unappealing look then IMO, but I then thought about the ingredients that go into making Russian dressing. (Mayo, ketchup, etc) Everybody marches to the beat of their own drum.

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                              1. re: Cheese Boy

                                thousand island dressing is ketchip + mayo + pickle + onion + hard boiled egg.

                                1. re: Cheese Boy

                                  I don't believe any of you.

                                  After reading about the ranch dressing lady, it became clear that you're all full of ... ketchup.

                                  P.S. I once had dinner with a man who drank his fingerbowl!

                                2. Went to a pot luck lately where an Indian woman brought the
                                  most gorgeous samosa's she had just made. She plunked down a huge bottle of ketchup to use as chutney. A pal told me that she knows other Indian folks who also have adopted ketchup as a condiment. Interesting food culture crossover implications here huh? I am happy to eat mango pickle on my peanut butter sandwhich or a burger so it's all just a cross cultural food free for all anymore. I love it!

                                  1. I used to make ketchup and butter sandwiches.

                                    1. I'm guessing that this post is supposed to be taken in a light hearted manner and I'm trying, I really am. However, I don't understand the upsetness at watching another diner supposedly desecrate their food. I cringe when I hear somebody order a steak well done but in thirty seconds, I've moved on. What difference does it make if you don't have to eat it?

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                                        We've all moved on, but it takes us say, a minute. ;)

                                      2. down along the gulf coast in mississippi, domino's will give you packs of catalina dressing to put on top of your pizza if you ask for it. a local taste. not sure if the other pizza chains offer it but i wouldn't be suprised.

                                        1. I don't eat ketchup, except on French fries when I can't get mayonnaise, mustard, vinegar or ranch dressing -- but I put oregano and garlic powder on my New York pizza... and I have friends from the suburbs of Michigan who put tarragon vinegar on theirs... and plenty of people in the country who put that tasteless white "cheese powder" on their pizzas... why should ketchup be any different?

                                          1. "Ranch on pizza. Actually, ranch on anything and everything. My SIL is a ranch fanatic and will ask for ranch dressing at just about every restaurant, even fine dining, to dip something on her plate it. I think everything is just a vehicle to get the ranch into her mouth."

                                            Is she from Michigan by any chance?? I remember people back home putting Ranch on every single thing they ate.

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                                            1. re: merkay

                                              Nope, from the western suburbs of Chicago. First generation American, blue collar family. God love her (and so do I), but I think she needs to invest in Hidden Valley stock.

                                              And our 2.5 Y.O. niece wants "sauce" on everything now too. Sauce, of course, is ranch. It's killing me!!

                                              1. re: geg5150

                                                AHHHHHHH! That would drive me crazy. Quick, get her some real food and explain to her that there are different "sauces" out there!

                                            2. When I lived in Budapest, they always put ketchup on pizza... even the nice places. Most people actually would eat eggs, tuna, and ketchup on pizza. They thought *I* was strange because I thought ketchup on pizza (and tuna with eggs with ketchup) was gross.

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                                                Matter of fact, I just finished off a rather sweet Merlot from Hungary just this evening and I bet pizza with eggs and tuna would have gone well with it. I'd omit the ketchup though, in all honesty. I don't find it appealing like some people do.

                                              2. I LOVE grilled cheese dipped in ketchup and when I'm really drunk, pizza dipped in blue cheese.

                                                1. Interestingly enough, Brazilian pizza places have ketchup bottles on the tables specifically because people there almost universally add ketchup to their pizza. Brazilian pizza is a little different than what we get in North America, and often the ketchup is the only tomato sauce on the thing. Your horror may simply be attributable to cross-cultural misunderstanding.

                                                  1. My high school cafeteria served terrible "french bread pizza" which was basically half a hoagie roll shellaced with yellow-gray "cheez" and tomato seasoning, I wouldn't even call it sauce. Us kids dipped in in ketchup.

                                                    My college, which was located smack in the middle of an orthodox jewish neighborhood, had tons of kosher israeli style pizzerias nearby that served pizza and french fry combo plates. These too were doused in ketchup.

                                                    Oh the food crimes I committed as a young and broke undergrad.

                                                    1. I inherited the "ketchup is always good" gene. I like ketchup on eggs, ketchup with steamed cauliflower, carrots, grilled eggplant; anything with blackening seasoning on it, like fish or chicken, and most sadly, with crab or lobster, particularly lobster claws.

                                                      Jest and chide if you will, but, I figure it's my food; you don't have to eat it, or even think it's a good idea. I personally think adding ginger to anything, i.e. adding soap, to anything is repulsive, as is using or adding olive oil... but, those are my tastes. I personally find topics such as "this is just gross" or "people ruining food" to be insulting. No food is ever "ruined," just made into something you may not personally want to eat, but so what? Does that suddenly make you superior, or an authority on "what is right?" I say eat, and let eat... Who is really being hurt by anyone else's food pairings? If hounds want to post looking for new combinations, that is one thing, but to come on here and berate taste buds, well, I think that's just unfair.

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                                                      1. re: Emme

                                                        Well spoken, Emme!

                                                        While we chowhounds like to report strange and different things we find, we certainly should not insult those whose tastes are different than ours.

                                                        You enjoy your lobster with ketchup, while other enjoy balut, and I will enjoy my strange tastes as well. Bon appetit! :-)

                                                        1. re: Emme

                                                          Emme, I wish more folks had your attitude. I am also a serial ketchup user on eggs, meatloaf, toast, green beans, steamed asparagus, etc. (but as a Marylander, I draw the line at crabs). As long as it is a combination of food products, rather than adding talcum powder or motor oil, nothing that others do with their meals really bothers me.

                                                          One of my favorite "don't know what to have for dinner" meals is a PBJ on white bread, no ketchup, with a glass of cabernet. That probably violates several rules, but unless someone wants to come over and cook dinner for me, I'll keep on eating it.

                                                        2. Ok, when my family and I immigrated to the US, we were astonished and overwhelmed by the sear variety of new condiments available in the supermarket. Being new to all these new and foreign foods like pizza, sandwiches and burgers, my parents devoted one day out of the week to experimenting with “western” foods at home.

                                                          Here are some of the culinary highlights:

                                                          1) homemade pizza made with ketchup and kraft singles

                                                          2) Spaghetti bolognese made with ground meat and 2 bottles of Heinz ketchup

                                                          3) Yellow cake with cool whip (I am still trying to figure out why this was ever served for dinner)

                                                          Needless to say I still have an uncomfortable relationship with ketchup.

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                                                            And of course, the opposite is true when you go to Catalunya -- I've never seen so much all i oli in my life! I mean, don't get me wrong, I *love* all i oli, and I even love all i oli negat (which takes getting past the sight of it), but it was absolutely everywhere!

                                                          2. There was a good article last year in the New Yorker about ketchup. It manages to pound most of the tastes, sweet, sour and salty. Interestingly enough it also has a high Monosodium glutumate content which is another major taste. This may explain why modern "Heinz" style ketchup hasn't had any serious competion.
                                                            Other than the Asian seaword sources, another rich source of msg is parmesan cheese. and no one sneers at the Italians for sprinkling it on pizza.

                                                            1. When I was growing up, we had a guy that lived in the apartment next door that put peanut butter on everything.


                                                              If we got a pizza, he would put peanut butter on it.

                                                              If we fried an egg for him, he would top it off with Jiff.

                                                              If we asked him if he wanted a burger from Roy Rogers, we would bring it to him. . .and he would slather it with peanut butter.

                                                              The man had serious PB issues.

                                                              1. No comments on this? "New York pizza mind you, which is some of the tastiest pizza known to mankind!"

                                                                As if living on an island conveyed some mystical quality.

                                                                I knew a Queens girl who would swear there is nothing like NY pizza.

                                                                What I would swear is that there is good and bad pizza everywhere and being New York pizza doesn't preclude that reality.

                                                                1. Here in Minnesota it's not unusual for people to put sour kraut on their pizza. It's our version of fusion cuisine.

                                                                  1. Since I always put hot sauce on my pizza (when available) I guess I can understand ketchup -- sort of. Ketchup seems to sweet for pizza, for me.

                                                                    But I'm understanding of the need to season pizza. Lots of people sprinkle garlic powder and red pepper flakes, too.