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Aug 22, 2006 03:29 PM

Pizza SNAFU ... the horror.

I can't believe what I recently witnessed. I'm still in disbelief. A woman took several ketchup packets, tore them open, and put ketchup all over her slice of pizza. New York pizza mind you, which is some of the tastiest pizza known to mankind!

Has anyone witnessed other bizarre uses for ketchup or has anyone ever witnessed a perfectly great food be violated in such a horrific manner?

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  1. I have used ketchup to make BAD pizza palatable (even then it didn't help but so much and I was too hungry to care at that point), but never on good pizza !! To each their own I guess...

    I use ketchup on lots of things..scrambled eggs for one. I also like to dip chips in them on occasion.

    1. My pops puts mayo in cottage cheese. I hear Nixon used ketchup. Both choices repulse me but the world don't move to the beat of just one drum...

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        I like soy sauce and hot sauce (both at the same time) in my cottage cheese. I learned it from my mother. Must be our Japanese heritage. When my husband first saw me do it, he was horrified--but now he's a convert.

        1. re: a_and_w

          As a young boy I loved ketchup in cottage cheese. I have no idea why. It disgusted my sisters. I got sick from it one day in the driveway (the memories we retain...) and that was it for me.

        2. Ranch on pizza. Actually, ranch on anything and everything. My SIL is a ranch fanatic and will ask for ranch dressing at just about every restaurant, even fine dining, to dip something on her plate it. I think everything is just a vehicle to get the ranch into her mouth.

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          1. re: geg5150

            My favorite pizza place, probably to cater to some strange snowbird tastes, offers a buffalo wing pizza -- complete with spicy chicken and bleu cheese. I was mortified.

            1. re: Covert Ops

              The California Pizza Kitchen has Peking Duck Pizza - I think that's worse than ketchup!

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                Buffalo chicken pizza is amazing! A pizza place I frequent with my mother-in-law makes an excellent white-pizza version with really spicy, tender chicken pieces and a drizzling of what I can only assume is a blue cheese sauce. It's probably my new favorite pizza - all the flavors of wings without having to pick apart the meat from the tiny bones.

                1. re: SarahEats

                  Joanne's gourment on Long Island does this, and it's -amazing-.

            2. I love pickles and tabasco sauce on top of my pizza :)

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              1. re: MaineRed

                Any kind of hot sauce. Also jalapenos. NO KETCHUP OR RANCH!

              2. When I first arrived in the US I was horrified at how much ketchup people use and what they put it on - fries, eggs, sausage, even cheese. I've gotten used to the sight, though I would have stared at the lady with her pizza. I guess I'm not a ketchup person.