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Aug 22, 2006 03:26 PM

Chef Mate Carbon Steel Wok

Based on a recent thread, my hubby and I decided to buy the chef mate wok. I started to season it, did the boiling water thing and then the first cooking oil step... During the heating process, the bottom burned a bit with a non burnt strip right in the middle. Very weird configuration. We watched the time and heat carefully. I want to continue with the oiling process, did we ruin the wok or is this just what happens and I should continue with the next oilings and not worry about it?
FYI: I did try to clean the burn but it did not come off, just a darkening of sorts but I thought that happens with time and use...

Any advice would be very welcome!

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  1. Sorry to be a nudge, but if someone with wok knowledge :-) can just let me know if is fine to ignore the bit of burn (or darkening really), continue with the seasoning process and then use the wok, that would be terrific.


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      If you really want to get rid of the dark spot steel wooling it will probably do it. But then you'd have a spot thats shiny and needs re-seasoning. You'll have to wool the whole wok to get it back. I would just keep using it and the seasoning /cooking processes over time will probably even out the dark spot.

    2. Thanks so much... as long as I did not ruin it and it is not unsafe (I am pregnant), I will continue on...

      I have another two oilings to go to be set to start cooking in it and wanted to make sure I did not alter the material/metal in some way.

      Thanks again, Michele