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Aug 22, 2006 03:06 PM

Lox Platter

I'm doing a lox platter for 10 people at the most, can someone tell me about how much I will need? There are all women so not huge eaters but I alwys like to have more than enough... Thanks!

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  1. I always estimate at 1/4 lb. per person. Are you serving other things tho??? Other smoked fishes? fresh tomatoes? capers? frsh fruits? :)KQ

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      Cucumbers, onion, capers, tomato, and bagels of course!

    2. I think 2 pounds would be enough, that's 2 of those big 16 oz packages. But if you really want "more than enough" 1/4 lb per person or 2.5 lb total would be perfect. Lox is quite salty, eating a lot of it at once just isn't terribly practical. If you are doing a lox platter, I'd suggest to also add some cucumber/sour cream/dill/lemon salad or asparagus. But you probably have better ideas already!

      1. I'd go for 2.5 pounds. Hey if it's leftover, yippee. Please try to get Novey lox, way less salty and wonderful on a bagel. When plating I usually roll them into cylinder shapes, makes it much easier for company to pick up with a fork, slide a tine in and lift. For the bagel make sure you have a few tubs of cream cheese as well, hopefully the bagel shop has some. Some people may also use butter.

        If for breakfast, sides should include slices of tomato, onion. Late lunch and early dinners would add the cucs and capers stated above, but have rarely gone that route.

        1. I like having some lemons around too.