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Sunday night dinner in Seattle

I will be in Seattle this weekend for business (I live in NC, never been to Seattle) and I have only one free night, which is Sunday. I have searched this board and found Sunday brunch rec.s but no Sunday night rec.s. I am open to any suggestions, cuisine wise.
I will be staying at the Grand Hyatt, but will willingly take a cab.
Also, I arrive Friday oneish and will be hungry, and would like lunch rec.s near my hotel.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. for your arrival lunch, walk up pine street a few blocks; just over the interstate on the right is baugette box with some of the best sandwiches in town and superb fries. for your one dinner, you cannot do better than a long stroll to union at first and union - easily one of the best restaurants in the northwest. be aware that the "wild boar" at volterra is from farm-raised and grain-fattened stock; there is no legal business in truly wild animals (except fish) so enjoying real wild boar, venison, elk, et.al., involves having a friend who hunts.

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      I'm in the industry and happened to ask one of our meat purveyors about wild boar recently, was told that after thirty days 'in the wild' the pigs can be called 'wild boar'. I don't know if they don't stray far from where they were released, or if it's a controlled foraging area, or what, but apparently the wild boar that is on a few menus around town has spent at least a month out rutting about. So no, not truly wild, but not straight from the feedlot either.

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        Thanks Howard, just had a great lunch at baugette box and the fries were OUTSTANDING. The manager/owner/server comped them when he heard I came from NC (just for his sandwich!) so I shared them with some fellow "standers" as all tables were full.
        Had a beer, made some new friends. What a beautiful day in a beautiful city.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions, now, how about a spot for drinks before or after dinner near the Hyatt?

        1. all great suggestions, especially Nishino and Union. If you're just looking for a great steak, try the "Frenched rib chop" at El Gaucho. For interesting drinks in a loungey atmosphere, Licorous is good (a cab ride from the hotel). Closer to the Hyatt, some people like the bar at the Mayflower hotel, although the ambience there is inescapably hotel. The drinks at 410 Stewart don't quite hit the mark imho. If you are a rum fan, you must try the Trenchtown cocktail at Marjorie's.

          1. If you do go to Union Sunday night, you'll see me there! We'll be the ones at the rosé wine dinner!

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              I will most likely be there too as Union looks interesting.
              Please tell me more about your dinner and also, will we need reservations on a Sunday night?

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                Tee, I can email you the information about the dinner if you'd like (I can't figure out how to PM through this Board). My email address is ledlund@wcra.net.

                It'd be fun if you could join us! If not, you won't need a reservation for Sunday night.

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                  I will email you directly (off CH) and thanks!

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                    I can't email you (not sure why) so please email me tcrenshaw@dunavant.com and let's chat off CH!

              2. Please please please avoid all the well known corporate restaurants in Seattle like Tom Douglas restaurants, etc. they are awesome at marketing but the food is so mediocre. Two great restaurants that are owner operated which I know are open Sundays are Lark and Harvest Vine. Nishino is awesome too btw.

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                  I have to respectfully disagree with you. Don't waste your money on Lark for a few small plates. Nishino is quite good. And I really like Tom Douglas' restaurants. They are certainly not mediocre. I recently had a wonderful meal at Lola.

                2. I too am coming to Seattle next month and am very interested in places like Harvest Vine, is there a website you can direct me to to see menu's?

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                  1. Harvest Vine has great tapas, inventive wine choices.

                    Also good, in the same vein: Restaurant Zoe. Nouvelle-ish cuisine, emphasis on seasonal specialties.