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Aug 22, 2006 01:34 PM

Something Savory Dress

My friend and I are planning on going on a walk tonight, with our destination being dinner at Something Savory. How casual do you think we can be? I read that they serve on paper products, but don't want to assume that that means we can show up in sneakers and shorts. Feedback? Thanks!

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  1. No idea, but a couple of my friends and I are planning on going there tonight too but cannot get there until 7:30. I understand they close at 8 PM so I hope we get a chance to eat! I am sure we'll be quite casually dressed.

    1. Sneakers and shorts will be fine - it's very casual.

      1. I agree - it's casual. They have a couple cafe tables in the window, but it's mostly a takeout crowd.

        BTW, I really liked the BBQ black tiger shrimp there, and they also do a nice mesclun salad with hearts of palm, jicama and mango. Please report back, especially if you try the desserts... they look great, but I've never had room left!

        1. Very casual - excellent food in a small brightly-painted storefront. Enjoy!

          If you need to do a spice&herb run, they're almost across the street from Penzey's, but I'm not sure how late P. is open.

          1. In one word, yum! We went on our walk (beautiful evening) and arrived at Something Savory to find plenty of tables, and the most friendly, welcoming staff. We took a seat and the young woman who was both staffing the counter and serving as waitress came over with menus and explained a bit about the place. We looked at the menu, and before even ordering or tasting the food said "Clearly we have to come back several more times because there are so many things to try!" My friend settled on the cold tomato and avocado soup and the Fresh Fettuccine (With Andouille sausage, rock shrimp and sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, leeks, mixed baby carrots, with a mixed herb lemon white wine sauce). I had the Grilled Black Pearl Salmon (with soy, lime, scallion glaze served with rice and beans and mixed vegetables). The rice was actually mixed with lentils...slightly sweet and slightly savory. In all true, all three things were FABULOUS! They also brought some wonderful multi-grain bread, which I devoured. There was not only no room for desert, but we both took home food! We will be back soon, and look forward to making our way through the menu. A true gem!

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              I ended up meeting my friends there at 7:45, which I felt bad about at first, but the staff seemed cool with it so we just went with it. Apparently, the 8 PM closing was painted on the door without much conferring with the staff as I asked them if they had plans on extending their hours and the two women there said that they're open later on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, sometimes until 9:30 or so. They said it really depends on foot traffic at the time.

              The three of us ordered way too much, particularly considering that one of my friends wasn't eating the apps with us. We ordered:

              crab cakes (ok, a bit much filler, excellent roasted red pepper, shallot remoulade),

              cod and conch fritters (good, more dense than I expected, more cod than conch - I though it was the same remoulade, but menu says it was sun-dried tomato, lime aioli - looked the same but maybe I didn't taste it as the remoulade from the crab cakes was closer to me so I dipped in there),

              two cups of seafood stew/chowder (definitely more chowder-like, really good, although my friends liked it more than I, but would order again),

              and entrees of the chicken roti with red beans and rice (tasted good, but I have no idea how roti should taste, very little chicken or potatoes no matter what the menu read), jerk pork (best dish of the night between the delicious fatty pork and roasted potatoes) and the "barbecued" tiger shrimp (good I guess, but I'm not a big shrimp guy - the rice with this was excellent, somewhat sweet). No dessert.

              I want to return to try the jambalaya and the shellfish stew - they were out of the mussels so I avoided the stew this trip.

              Great little place.