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4 people, minus their babies, looking for nice outdoor Back Bay dining Thurs. eve.

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We have thought about the Mexican place off Newbury St., but open to other ideas. Anything fairly new out there?

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  1. I am not the biggest fan of Back Bay dining. There are some really nice outdoor spots but in most of them, I think the spot far outweighs the food. If you want to stick with the Back Bay, you might try Vox, Abe and Louie's or Stephanie's (all of which I'm recommending on location only). If you want better food, why not head to the South End? There are plenty of places with really nice outdoor spots and better food.

    Hamersley's has very lovely French bistro type cuisine (though not at bistro prices). If you go, someone must get the roast chicken and the polenta with mushroom ragout.

    Sibling Rivalry has a great outdoor space and while the menu may be a bit confusing to some, the food is pretty good and the bartenders usually mix a great cocktail. One of my favorites here is their tuna tartare.

    B&G Oysters has a gorgeous back patio with a really big daily selection of oysters and a yummy lobster roll.

    If you want a more affordable option, Dish on Shawmut has good, reliable food with reasonable prices.

    1. I dunno...it's tough to beat the courtyard area at Casa Romero. The food isn't the best Mexican cuisine around, but on a nice night, it's a great spot.

      1. If you mean this Thursday, you might want to ensure that the particular restaurant is not participating in Restaurant Week unless you can get a reservation.

        1. Or how about Tapeo, on Newbury? When I'm forced to pick a Back Bay restaurant, this is my choice, and it's always good. Plus they have an outdoor patio.

          1. Tapeo, Tapeo, Tapeo.

            Bar Lola is nice too, but its patio is basement level.

            Other possibilities: Kashmir and Piattini.

            Aviod at all costs: Joe's, Pizzeria Uno (obviously), Ciao Bella,

            1. Restaurant week you are in good shape for outdoor dining since none of the cafes take reservations anyway.
              Vox, Joe’s, Stephanie’s, Atlantic Fish, Uno’s, Vinnie T’s, Chroma, Charlie’s have all been forgettable destinations for food, service and people watching.
              Abe and Louie’s, Tapeo and Armani have all been distinguishable stand outs for their food with Abe and Louie’s and Armani standing out additionally for people watching and service.

              1. How can Atlantic Fish be out for people watching when it is right next door to Abe and Louie's? I like their food, especially the salads, and the daily specials are also very inspired (last time I was there I had a dish with root vegetable mashed potatoes that had huge lobster chunks mixed in. It was delislh!) And I've never really had a problem with the wait staff.

                1. I'll echo that sentiment that the Back Bay is not a preferred patio dining destination, especially with the South End so close, but here are the outdoor dining spots I favor there: Tapeo, Casa Romero (though hardly the best Mexican in town), Via Matta, Resturant L (which may only serve lunch outside).

                  Middling food, but fine patios: Cuffs at the Jurys Hotel, 33, Bomboa, Armani Cafe, 29 Newbury.

                  Bad food, nice deck: the Rattlesnake.

                  With the Sox out of town, consider the fine patio and generally very good food at Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square. If you're willing to go that far, also consider Taberna de Haro, a fine tapas place.