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Aug 22, 2006 01:08 PM

Social work dinner - need *round* table for 8/downtown SF/$$$$

Good morning, foodies. I'm a NY hound & will be in SF for a work bruhaha in early September and need to host a dinner for 8. It's important that the restaurant have great food, excellent drinks and *a round table*. I'll be staying at the Clift. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Aqua -- one of the best restaurants in the City for fresh fish, good atmosphere for social business, and they have at least one round table that will hold 8. Very nice wine list, and full bar, but not sure how "excellent" their drinks are.

    Bix Supper Club might be another option to consider, with a full bar and more emphasis on the cocktails. Food is consistently good, with mostly locally sourced ingredients. Done up in 1920s art deco style with a jazz pianist later in the evening, which makes for a more fun "social" atmosphere than at Aqua.

    Boulevard is another good choice. Nice room, very good food, and good cocktails. I'd put it between the other two ... imho food is better at aqua, cocktail atmosphere is better at Bix, and Boulevard is a happy medium between the two.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions. Boulevard is booked for a corporate party the night we need. I'll look into the others. Keep the suggestions coming!

        1. Any thoughts on The Cosmopolitan/121 Spear St.? A colleague mentioned it.

          1. Cosmopolitan has ok food, and is sort of overpriced. Nothing special at all.