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Aug 22, 2006 12:52 PM

Open late in Santa Fe?

I am traveling to Santa Fe for the Opera this weekend and can't stomach the thought of eating dinner before an 8 pm curtain.

It looks as if most restaurants in Santa Fe close by 10 pm weeknights and 11 weekends.

Does anyone have any decent late night recommendations for Santa Fe?

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  1. Depending upon which opera your're seeing (I have tics to the Magic Flute Friday night) you won't be leaving the opera house till 11:00 or 11:30. Then, allow for the traffic jam to get back into Santa Fe and you're looking for food between 11:30 and midnight. It's going to be tough finding a real restaurant. You could probably munch on bar menu stuff at the Eldorado or Hilton. Maybe the Coyote Cantina is open, too. And, there's always Blake's! I believe they are open late.

    1. Many places pack picnics for Opera, maybe get one and eat during intermission? Green chile cheeseburger at Blake's sounds pretty good to me though!

      1. The bar at La Posada Resort is open until 1 am on the weekends and the food is good. There's also Rio Chama, although I think it's open until midnight, which may be too early. It's primarily a bar with a small food menu, but the food is decent.

        1. I second the rec for La Posada, in fact, sit outside in the patio.

          There's always Atomic Cafe, for a late night bite. It has a more funky/ punky atmosphere and the food's not bad, just not great.

          1. We were just visiting and found ourselves needing to have dinner late and noticed a lot of placed close down after 10:00 pm. BUT, we did find that Applebee's IS OPEN until 1:00 am on Saturday and until midnight on Sundays. It's Karoke Night on Saturday night, so it might be work against the original poster's sensibilities (it's not a night with the Magic Flute, that's for sure), but It's open with the full menu available. the address and phone is:
            4246 West Rodeo Road
            Santa Fe, NM 87507-4836
            (505) 473-7551

            1330 W Joe Harvey Blvd, Hobbs, NM 88240