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Aug 22, 2006 11:52 AM

Suggestions: Milwaukee, not so pricey Good Healthy Food

Hey there, I am taking my wife down to Brewtown for a day at the Art Museum and Milwaukee Public Museum, and needed some ideas for decent not so pricey restaurants around that area. BTW: I have high BP and cholestorol, so it shouldn't be the typical Wisconsin fare..fried foods etc...I love it, trust me if I could eat it, I would..Any Ideas? Thanks

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  1. You might want to try Beans and Barley on North Ave. The food is good, not strictly vegetarian at all. It's a nice room as well. I'd check the menu to see if it's "dinner-like" enough. Or, the Pasta Tree, very nice restaurant, lots of good pasta dishes without a lot of "weight".

    Sorry, can't find the url for the Pasta Tree at the moment.

    1. Thanks Much, I will check that out!

      1. I highly recommend the African Hut. I wrote this on a previous post:

        "The African Hut is a fantastic Nigerian restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. All of the vegetable dishes are great (with or without chicken). Be adventureous and try some fufu or pounded yam with a stew. The Peanut Stew-Banfi is so good it will surprise you. They have the hottest chicken wings I've ever had. and the Mindinmindin is a very decadent dessert that you really need to try.
        1107 N. Old World 3rd St. (right near the Bradley Center)
        Milwaukee, WI"

        The owners are really nice too.

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          oops...I should have removed the Mindinmindin advice. It is definately not healthy.

        2. Awesome, thanks, it sounds like another great place, and since they are in the same vacinity of the museums, walking wouldn't be to hard..

          1. My favorite is Trocadero on north Water Street.
            They have a great patio too.