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Prime Burger or Burger Joint (Le Meridien)?

Where do you think I should take my 10 yo son to lunch on Thursday when we get into town?

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  1. neither. Shake Shack or something like Paul's.

    1. Shake Shack! Get him a Shack Burger and a Concrete ...

      1. I guess I should have been clearer. I know there are many other great burgers in the city (I just read the recent thread), but I really need to pick from just these two. Need to stay in the area around 54th and 5th.

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          Never heard of or been to Prime Burger, but expect to wait on a long line in a hotel to get a burger from the burger joint only to find yourself in a dumpy room (which might bring back memories of a roller rink/bowling alley cafeteria for you) that has a brick wall that Ashton Kutcher decided to sign "Ashton Kutcher Rules" (what a tool) on, as well as other celebrity signatures. Whoopdie doo. It is far too L.A. of an experience for my tastes (i.e., not the NYC experience you may be looking for) and though the burger is good, it's not all that its cracked up to be. Though it does get points for the toppings and the ability to request different levels of doneness as well as the fries.

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            While everyone is entitled to their opinion- be aware that there are many people who disagree with the above posting.


            I would say it's a pretty fun place- And it's really close to Central Park if you want to take your burgers up there. Perfect for anyone visiting from out of town.

        2. Burger Joint. No question. Prime Burger's a cool old place but the burgers arent that good.

          1. I'd recommend the Burger Joint as well, and add that I think the Shake Shack burger bites nuts in comparison.

            1. I'd venture a guess that most of the people that don't like Burger Joint were turned off by the line, and their dislike stems from that. Avoiding the noon-1pm/5pm-7pm rush is key. Outside of that, we've never had to wait more than 10 minutes and have always gotten a seat.

              If you're either avoiding or frequenting a place because Ashton Kutcher signed the wall, then this might not be the board for you.

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                you clearly didn't read my post. In fact I stated that the burger was good. Also, you should know better than to call it the Burger Joint (caps). That place is located on 3rd Ave. bet. 19th and 20th street.

                I mention the line and mention the "scene" because of what the OP described was the situation...i.e., he was taking his 10 year old son. Now, when I was 10 years old, I wouldn't have enjoyed a burger from a place I had to wait on line in a hotel lobby for...and possibly not even having a seat to eat it at to eat it.

              2. OP poster here, hoping to clarify -- and have you guys avoid flaming each other.

                From my research and the way I see it, both places sound cool for a 10 yo -- Prime Burger because of the old vibe and the funky desk-like seating, and burger joint (I guess I won't make that caps mistake again!) because of it being hidden in the lobby. While we certainly care that the burgers taste good, I guess I am hoping to pick whichever one he'll think is "cooler."

                Oh, and to add to the celebrity thing -- I never heard of the Ashton Kutcher thing, but the first time I heard of Prime Burger was because Sarah Jessica Parker said it was her favorite place to go for a burger because of those stools. (That's not why I am considering it, though. 10 yo doesn't know who she is.)

                  1. by burger joint, do you mean the little burger place behind the curtain in the le parker meridien hotel? if so then that is a really great burger.