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Aug 22, 2006 03:15 AM

Any place to buy inexpensive lobster or crab near Torrance?

Only in town for a week and staying in Torrance. Any place to
get fresh lobster or crab inexpensively?

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  1. Find your local outlet of 99 Ranch Market, an Asian market chain. Lots of swimming lobsters and crabs in tanks at the best price anywhere. I'm sure there is one worth the drive from Torrance.

    1. Agree with Bob. Can't be beat, if you have cooking capabilities. If not, Quality Seafood at the Redondo Beach Pier has Maine lobster, Dungeness crab and other crabs, which they'll cook for you. Comparatively very expensive, though. But they do have live Uni at a most reasonable price. Scarf up.

      1. Thanks for the info - I was actually looking for a wholesale fish market that's open to the public or off the boats. We have Ranch 99 in San Francisco. I will check out Redondo Beach.

        1. 99 ranch is the BEST place... but the lobsters there are HUGE.... Here's our adventure (with pictures) in dealing with 4lb+ main lobsters... they turned out GREAT! :)


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            Yeah, they are HUGE. Back last winter we got several 5+lb guys (incorrect since they were, by request, all females), and they were hard shells. Now they're pretty most skoft shells. But for price/quality ratio, they can't be beat.

          2. port o' call in san pedro, tons of seafood markets, almost like fisherman's wharf in SF, but more market like

            i have never seen people sell fish and seafood off their boats down in LA/OC like they do in Half Moon Bay

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              i'd stay far away from ports o call. At the end of 22nd street in pedro(same area) theres a number of fisheries that do sell to the public-one on the right end has lobster and crab tanks. Used to be a fish wholesaler in el segundo-lemme see if i can dig up the info.

              1. re: dano

                Any additional info on the wholesaler at the end of 22nd st. or a store name?