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Aug 22, 2006 03:06 AM

Anyone been to ocean 33 in mission viejo?

wondering what the general consensus is on this restaurant...

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  1. It's not bad for the area. It's owned by the same people who own Oysters in Corona del Mar. I enjoy eating at Oceans 33, but I wouldn't say it's the best restaurant I've ever been to. Definitely edible, and considering your other options in the immediate area, it's a solid choice.

    1. I had the unpleasure of going to Ocean 33 and it was my first and last time. The service was lousy and they didn't have enough people to take care of the few customers that were actually there. Their service was selective and seemed to prefer annoying ANYONE of Asian decent. I am appauled that such treatment exsists, especially in America. AVOID this place!!

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        FutureFriar, are you nuts? I went last night and all I saw around me were white people, both the servers and the clientèle. Our waiter was very nice yet dumb, but I did not see preferential treatment of any kind.

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          I'm Asian and I go there at least 6-8 times per year (likely much more), since it's 5 minutes from my office. Not the best seafood, FAR from the worst. I've always had really good service there. I think it is completely unfair to accuse a restaurant of racism like this without much more data and feedback... this type of accusation is a pretty big one in my book.

          That being said, I'm not doubting the veracity of ff's bad experience, just saying it could be something other race, like an incompetent server, that caused his/her negative experience.

          Ocean's 33 is one of those places that I would argue about going to, and sometimes even want to go to. Not a spectacular food place, but certainly good enough to enjoy. In the past I've liked their ceviche and believe it or not, they make a really good burger.

        2. I've been to Oceans 33 probably half a dozen times. Monday is 1/2 price bottle of wine night. They have good happy hour meal specials in the bar area. Service depends on who you get. Sometimes I've had great service, sometimes it's slow. I've never felt abused or descriminated against like futurefriar.

          I really like their calamari, they prepare it two ways, typical frito misto and tossed in a spicer asian sauce.

          I've had petrale sole there that was delicious. The bread basket can be good.

          Really a nice alternative in the area for a break while shopping or for seafood when you're in the mood. (Although I still want to try the french dip sandwich in the bar area during their happy hour)

          1. Agree that it's one of the better places to eat in the mall and it's not a chain. Oceans 33 has a new owner and the menu has changed a little. The most successful dish I've had there is the Mahogany grilled king salmon and it's one of the best salmon dishes I've found in the area, so I stick with it. Others must like it too, as the new owners have inceased the price of it by a few dollars, however it's a generous portion and a well-executed dish. It may be the best thing on the menu. There are some good wines on the list too.

            1. I've been there a few times, with old and new owners. The happy hour specials are not nearly as good as they used to be. The food is good, but dinner is too expensive if you ask me. They used to offer a french dip sandwich for $5 on the happy hour menu but it's long gone! They offer some nice options though, spinach artichoke dip, spicy calimari, sweet potato fries. In my experience, the bartenders are usually great and the servers are so-so.