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Aug 22, 2006 03:04 AM

recs for best nuevo latino in the mission?

forgive the genre label. just looking for a mid-range (price) place for dinner tomorrow night, preferably in the mission.

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  1. Panchita's #3. Although it's more refined Mexican/Salvadorean than nuevo.

    Here's a recent report:

      1. I second Panchita's #3. The chicken mole is my favorite, with a couple of pupusas for appetizers.

        I also really like Charanga, which is sort of cuban tapas.

        And Platanos is also really good (particularly for brunch imo):

        I thought of another one (I think I'm going to go there for lunch today actually!): Fresca, which is actually in Noe Valley on 24th street, but close to the Mission. They have great ceviches--try the ceviche sample platter, you get three of them.

        Also, I would steer away from Limon, I think it is generally overrated and overpriced.

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          Im going to second Charanga. I really enjoy that place

        2. thanks, folks. Fresca is new to me, sounds intriguing.