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Lobster/Seafood Restaurants in Ogunquit, ME

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Will be in the Ogunquit,ME area and would like the best restaurants for lobster/seafood. Would also be willing to drive to Kennebunkport.

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  1. There are many good places to go, some are dress up some are more casual. There is the Lobster Barn on Rt1 south of Ogunquit.Very casual and rustic. In Ogunquit there is the lobster pound, on Rt1 north of the center , You can pick out the lobster you want, and there are others. There are some nice places in the Wells, area also. There are 3or 4 places in Perkins cove you can have clams and lobsers. All nice ,great views, different price ranges. Check out there menus on the boards posted out side. Good luck and happy eating, makes me wish i was there this week. Earle

    1. Here is Top of the Food Line:
      Ogunquit Lobster Pound
      98 Provence
      White Barn Inn -- Kennenbunkport
      On the Marsh -- Kennenbunkport
      Enjoy, have fun, and report back to us..

      1. I'm surprised that Five-O in Ogunquit has not been recommended. Anyone have a recent dining experience there?

        1. We went to Five-O last year and were just plain disappionted both with the food and service. I do not recall the items we ordered. It was an early meal and the place was not crowded and therefore I cannot excuse the slow, poor service on those grounds. I was unhappy enough to cross it off my list, there are simply too many good places to go - both high end and casual (the latter being my usual choice. The Village Inn right on US 1 has good food and is dependable and the casual atmosphere leaves us satisfied and happy. We prefer to eat in the tavern and find it relaxing.

            1. Irwin did good in his list of restaurants , They are all good, but he went from the first one which is very reasonable priced to the last 4 being over priced. (In my opinion)! If you want to sit down and rip open a nice lobster make a mess of your self and the table The lobster pound is the place for you. If you want white linen table cloths on the table with flowers and all the fancy silverware, and a bill of close to $100. for two try the other places. Im not knocking Irwins picks. I just thought he might have thrown in the differences between them. I hope you have a good time and a great meal no mater what you pick. Let us all know what you decided on a further post. Earle

              1. Returned from Ogunquit - Althought the weather was terrible, I did have some great lobster.Especially enjoyed the 2.5 lb. hard shell lobster at the Ogunquit Lobster Pound; the baked beans were good as well. Also had a tasty lobster roll at the Chauncey Creek Lobster pound. We did have dinner at the Lobster Barn, but I was quite surprised that they only have soft shell lobsters available and the price was high. Decided to have prime rib instead; flavorful, but on the tough side. Loved Flo's hotdogs with her phenomenal sauce/relish. Loved the Maine Diner-strawberry shortcake is delicious, but would not order the Hot Lobster roll again. I wanted to try it, but I prefer the "cold"version. Amore Breakfast's banana foster french toast stuffed with cream cheese is sinful and the blueberry pancakes at the Egg and I were very good. All in all: Maine vacation 2006- great food, no tan.

                1. Barnicle Billy's in Perkins Cove is excellent - just plain steamers, chowder, lobster, etc.You order at the counter then they call your name. Best thing is sitting outside on the deck and sipping a rum punch. BBilly's etc. has more choices- ie fired seafood, shrimp cocktail, chicken, steak etc.
                  MC Perkins cove is excellent- owned by same people as ARrows. If you want a really delicious baked stuffed lobster try Hurricane in Kennebunkport- if you split it there is a five $ charge but it really is enough for two. Enjoy