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Aug 22, 2006 01:59 AM

The Ex - eats

The last time I went to the Ex was in the '90s. I got sick and tired of the same rides and the (loser) games. I never ventured into the food building as the people that I usually went with spent all their time near the rides, playing games etc.

I would like to go this time (by myself) and try the famous Tiny Tim donuts and such.

What are your faves at The Ex?

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  1. Those donuts? Are Tiny *Toms,* not to be confused with the Dickens character. An Ex legend, fya ask me. And I believe you did.

    I'd stay away from any of the chains that have stalls in the Food Building. Stick with the little indie shops, especially those that serve your favourite kind of grub.

    Me? I'm partial to West Indian roti, but probably not a good idea before a night of roller coastering and whatnot.

    1. Yes, that was a lesson I learned the hard way the last time I went to the Ex - a roti may be tempting and delicious, but don't go on the Scrambler immediately after downing one!

      1. Love the roti, the elephant ears and the tiny toms donuts. And of course it just wouldn't be the ex for me without some cotton candy and a candy apple!
        Enjoy your visit.