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Aug 22, 2006 01:34 AM

Lunch time Indian on Gerrard

Several friends and I are going to be on Gerrard area Wednesday for lunch. We are from the 'burbs and don't get out much LOL. Can anyone recommend a great Indian place for lunch? One friend is Indian, non veg, and the other two love the cuisine. We don't want this day to be messed up by a wrong turn. We prefer non buffet.

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  1. There is a great pakistani place - Lahore Tikka house. They have really good lamb kababs (that come with roasted green chillies) and biryani. Not sure if they still have that funky patio. It was there the last time I went there which was 2 years ago.

    Chandni Chowk is also a good option.

    1. Chandni Chowk was the fave at the South Asian festival this past weekend for their chicken tikka. Lahore Tikka House has very friendly service and a fun atmosphere (you can eat under a tent outside), along with fab food. Udupi Palace has great, hot south Indian veggie food. But my very favourite place is Narula's Chat Dosa and Thali House opposite Ashdale Library, where the veggie thali is among the cheapest eats on the strip, but very very good. I'm hooked on the malai kofta (when they have it. Wonderful samosas, too.

      1. Lahore Tikka is a fantastic place to eat. I love it there and I can't believe it's still under construction. I was just there last week...They're building a fortress over there! Love Chandni Chowk too!

        I also like Skylark for cheap eats. They have a buffet at lunch and dinner that's pretty decent.

        I'll definitely have to try the other suggestions from SarahBHood! Thanks! Stay tuned!

        1. THanks everyone for your suggestions! We wound up going to Skylark. We looked at another one too but it was strictly vegetarian and we aren't. The food was ok.... just ok. The chicken curry was quite good, as was the beef curry, but the Butter Chicken was sweetened with (sugar?)something! And the pakoras had obviously been made earlier and left to sit. We ate off the buffet... another thing I am not so fond of. It was ok, we had a good time, but another time we will try another place. One bright spot... as we walked by a little before opening, the waiter came bicycling up and locked his bike up in front. Then he remembered us when we went in to eat, and he was very nice and very pleasant.

          Overall... I would say it was ok for a quick bite, if everything else is ruled out, but I have had far better.