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Aug 22, 2006 12:49 AM

Really good Greek food?

I'm looking for good, inexpensive Greek (not Mediterranean but specifically Greek) food in Brentwood/Santa Monica/Westside/Valley area. Any suggestions (other than Taverna Tony!!)?? Thanks!

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  1. Not exactly in the areas you specified, but Papa Cristos, which is the small restaurant, more like a Taverna, in C & K Imports (LA's best Greek deli) is great. It is located on the corner of Normandie and Pico in what was a greek neighborhod across the street from a huge Greek Orthodox church. Now it is a Greek and Latino hood, which the locals refer to as the "Byzantine-Latino Quarter".

    Anyway, Papa Cristos is the best Greek I have ever had in LA. Great homemade Tstiski (sp?) and Taramosalata (sp?) Wonderful grilled baby Octopus, Gyros, Whole Grilled fish, Lamb chops, etc. Here is the link Plus after you eat lunch you can pick up stuff at the deli like fresh bread, olives, feta, homemade Greek yougurt, Greek oregano, wine. This place is like church for me. Enjoy.

    1. Papa Cristo's is fun, but nowhere near the westside. Try Mama Voula's on Santa Monica Blvd. in a minimall near Brockton in West L.A. Their gyro is very generous with the lamb meat and has a strong tzatziki, though I would have preferred some onion, tomato and lettuce or cucumber on the sandwich. Comes with a very large serving of thin crisp fries, very heavily tossed with fresh chopped garlic, or a side salad. $8.

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        yes, good gyro at mama voula's. but not a lot of great old greek food like one finds in greece. that doesn't exist on the w. side. friendly place.

      2. Haven't tried this one yet, but I just heard that a little Greek restaurant opened in Toluca Lake on Riverside (across the street from Acapulco I think). I hear the man who owns it used to be Aaron Spelling's personal chef. I drove by a couple of weeks ago and heard music, looks to be a lot of fun. Any of you hounds been there yet?

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          It's across the street from El Torito, actually, on Riverside between the Riverside/Alameda change and Pass Avenue. I've heard music too, but I haven't checked it out.

        2. The Great Greek in Studio City. Fun atmosphere, get the feast and enjoy the music, the fun.