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Aug 22, 2006 12:42 AM

driving to asheville from philadelphia end september

taking blue ridge parkway - stopping in virginia for a few days in waynesboro area.

looking for good byob's along the way and also in downtown asheville.

any suggestions?

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  1. dreds - are you looking for byob's in Asheville? There are always lots of posts about Asheville so it may be a good idea to just do a search and see what seems interesting to you and then we can help narrow it down.

    1. North Carolina regulates byob under its "brownbagging" permits. To quote the website - "Brown-Bagging Permit. – A brown-bagging permit authorizes each individual patron of an establishment, with the permission of the permittee, to bring up to eight liters of fortified wine or spirituous liquor, or eight liters of the two combined, onto the premises and to consume those alcoholic beverages on the premises. The permit fee is $400.00 and may be issued for any of the following:
      Restaurants; Hotels; Private Clubs; Community Theatres;
      Congressionally Chartered Veterans Organizations."
      More info at -

      Also, if you want to find out if a particular restaurant has a brown bag permit you may search at -

      Bottom line - byob is hard to do legally in NC

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        thanks nancy. I was wondering why none of the info on restaurants I came across in asheville, talked about byob. they are very popular here in philly and a great way to save money while dining out.

      2. are you looking for a byob because you want to byob or are you looking for the caliber of restaurants that are interesting byob's in philly? If the latter is the case do a board search. byob is largely unnecessary due to different abc regs and cheaper cost of getting a license

        1. If you're staying in Waynesville, you might want to check both the mid-atlantic and DC boards for Charlotesville recs. There's a recent one on the DC board.

          Also, if you think you'll pass through the DC metro area around a meal time (try not to come through around any rush hour - evening rush starts at 3pm) then post that request there as well.

          Not sure how close the parkway comes to Lynchburg, but The Silver Pig is on Bus 29 on the north end of town, right next to a Shell station. They ONLY do pulled pork and brunswick stew and a couple of sides (fries and hushpuppies). They also sell their sauce for $2 a bottle. This place shouldn't be missed if you're anywhere nearby when hungry!