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Aug 21, 2006 11:52 PM

best cuisine / dish that toronto offers


i am doing a bit of research on the diversity of toronto. and i chose the topic on food and wondering if some of you can shed some light. what food makes toronto so unique that you would tell the visitor "You gotta try this !! " ?

as chinese, i know that toronto probably got the most authentic chinese cuisines in NA.

we got the greek town but i have yet to find a REALLY great greek restaurant. I would go to Montreal for Milos.

we got the korean town and i consider it very good.

decent english pubs, vietnamese, indian, middle-easten and west indian restaurants but i don't know how it compare with other cities.

forget about mexican. so-so japanese and thai food. not so sure about italian..

what do you think?

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  1. I beg to differ on the following:

    'Toronto probably got the most authentic chinese cuisine in NA'- Not exactly! For Cantonese, Vancouver/Richmond offers better quality and more choices. Likewise with Northern/Shanghainese, New York/New Jersey's quality and authenticity is way up there.

    'So-So Japanese'- Apart from Tojo in Vancouver, Toronto's own 'Sushi Kaji' is definitely the second best Japanese restaurant in Canada, if not in NA. True, New York, LA or Philadephia might have its Nobu, Masa or Marimoto. However, pricier menu, fancier decor and more ecclectic ambience does not neccessarily translate into tastier food. I've eaten in all of the above and I can safely say, quality, tastiness and value for moneywise, Kaji is pretty hard to beat. Furthermore, other reputable Japanese establishments such as Hiro Sushi and Hashimoto very often directly import fish from Japan for their specialty sushi or sashimi. This is also the practice of almost all Michelin Star Japanese restaurant world wide. Consequently, Toronto does offer more than 'So-So' Japanese.

    1. Toronto has very good Indian and Sri Lankan restaurants. Go to Gerrard Street East near Coxwell for Indian (many choices) and Parliament Street (south of Wellesley) for Sri Lankan. I'm not sure how these restaurants compare to other cities, but I find them quite excellent on their own merits.

      1. I agree that Toronto has a very strong East Indian showing when it comes to cuisine. So many restaurants to choose from!

        1. Living in Little Portugal, I would have to say that Toronto does Portuguese well (at least bakeries and churrascieras - spelling?).

          I think Toronto can rest it's hat on the sheer volume and selection of moderate priced (if not downright cheap), authentic, ethnic restaurants, but perhaps not on certain types of cuisines it does well.