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Aug 21, 2006 11:42 PM

santiago chile to lima peru!!??


i'll hanging out in chile and peru for about a month starting august 27th.
any good info will be greatly appreciated. i feel like i've gotten some good help for peru (lima and cusco) but feel santiago, valparaiso, vina del mar areas i could use some help in.


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  1. lucky you david, im jealous!

    1. I've been in Santiago in january and found, along with other chowhounders, that food is not really it's strongpoint. However, if you go to Valparaiso (and please do!), go to Pasta e Vino, a very chic restaurant with a gorgeous minimal but cozy interior. Also, in that same area (sorry forgot name of the hill but there are many bed and breakfast type inns around here)are other gourmet restaurants located in charming residential-type buildings typical of Valparaiso. Really nice seafood of course, but I remember having a dessert of some sort of tart with cardamom-spiced chocolate ice cream... a lovely dinner with gourmet touches.

      1. In Santiago, I guess you can go to ASTRID & GASTON which is a lovely place owned by a couple (she is german and he is peruvian) who also own excellent restaurants in other countries. There is also another restaurant called EL GIRATORIO which is located in Providencia area: Good meat and wines and an excellent view of the city. The restaurant rotates very slowly all the time so you can see all the city.

        In Peru you have too many options!!! Francesco, La Mar: sea peruvian food). Astrid & Gaston, Cala, Costa Verde, La Rosa Nautica, Huaca Pucllana, Fusion: international and nouvelle andean couisine. My favorite is Astrid & Gaston, but I also recomend La Rosa Nautica and Huaca Pucllana. You have to try Pisco Sour anywhere in Lima and Jerez Sour at Astrid & Gaston.


        1. Restaurant in Viña del Mar Casino is also a good choice. I remember I went for lunch to a restaurant close to the dock in Valparaiso, but do not remember its name.

          1. In Santiago, you will find great restaurants inside the Mercado Central...I second the recommendation to visit Valparaiso , a wonderful place.