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Aug 21, 2006 11:17 PM

Bofinger or Le Train Bleu

Which of these Belle Epoche Brasseries has the better food? Are they equally spectacular visually? Thanks! Claire

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  1. For decor, definitely Le Train Bleu. For food if you choose carefully, Bofinger. It is also less expensive. And if you choose Bofinger, make sure you sit downstair which has the beautiful decor.

    1. Agreed. Le Train Bleu is over the top, and lovely if you are just arriving back in Paris from the South and late at night. But Bofinger does probably have better food.

      1. Tough call. Probably about equal on the food: decent, but no greatness at either place.

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          I agree--so go for the gorgeousness of Le Train Bleu.

        2. Thank you all!! I think we'll go for the dazzle of Le Train Bleu!!

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            When there,would you find out whether one can go and just have a drink at Le Train Bleu to have a look and would you report back? The food is not supposed to be worth it.We'd be very grateful.

            1. re: Fuffy

              Absolutely you can just go for a drink - quite frankly that's all I recommend. But having said that - and with my apartment just up the street - I still find it a magical space. I'd suggest eating at nearby Biche au Bois and having drinks only at Le Train Bleu.

              1. re: Louisa Chu

                Thank you VERY much Louisa Chu for bothering. This information will be very useful.

          2. We just had dinner at Bofinger this past Saturday. It is surprisingly understated, even in the main room -- the dome is fabulous, of course, but it's definitely a room designed for people, not for the sounds of ooh and aah.