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Aug 21, 2006 11:11 PM

Reggie Jackson Special at Lois the Pie Queen (Oakland)

Today I had breakfast for lunch at David Boyk's send-off meal as he leaves us for a week with his parents, then off to Lucknow. We met at Lois the Pie Queen, on the corner of 60th and Adeline.

Image of Lois the Pie Queen signage (though actually a breakfast and lunch place)

Though I was surrounded by hungry-eyed, 20-something males, I managed to put in the biggest order, the Reggie Jackson Special, $12.75.

Image of Reggie Jackson Special -

This has two pork chops, two eggs, choice of rice, grits or hash browns, and choice of biscuits, etc. The waitress said the grits are slow-cooked not instant, so I picked that over the good-looking hash browns and had my chops smothered. She sheepishly returned to our table saying, "don't kill me, but we're out of biscuits." Major melt-down all-round as this is supposed to be the best thing about breakfast here, but we went with the corn muffin instead.

These were really good pork chops, a 1/2" thick, even though not pedigreed. Lightly floured and pan-fried, they were juicy and tender. The gravy tasted canned, but mixed with the grits, a bit of the over-easy eggs, and a splash of Crystal hot sauce, each mouthful was very satisfying.

We shared a piece of lemon icebox pie, the signature here. Frozen hard like an ice cream cake, the tangy lemon filling in a graham cracker crust was lightly sweetened and old-fashioned tasting. Could have done without the canned whipped cream, but I'd certainly order this again.

Image of Lemon Icebox Pie -

Amalia's old rec for the pork chop breakfast -

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  1. MMMM, haven't been to LtPQ in years. Those smothered pork chops look like an afternoon coma a good way!

    Gotta suppport the local economy and remember to check 'em out again one of these days.

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    1. re: Eugene Park

      This was my first time there. Have heard that it's not as good as when the Pie Queen was alive, but this was quite satisfactory. There is a tinny processed flavor to the gravy and the finish of the lemon pie. I probably wouldn't make a special trip from the City again, still I'm glad I tried it. I would get the pork chops without the gravy smother another time.

      David said he's been eating here a lot because he keeps checking on the Korean chicken place and finding it closed. (g) This was only the second time he's had pie (doesn't recommend the pecan pie), as he never has room after his chicken and waffle, plus biscuits. He only had one piece of chicken this time to save room.

    2. Lois also makes an exceptional steak and egg breakfast. Take that
      photo of yours, erase the chops and gravy and replace them with
      a similar-sized hunk of grilled steak. With a slab of butter on top.
      I think it's up to about $15 lately. Totally worth it.

      Yep, what you hear about the biscuits is true.

      Thanks for explaining the pie. In all the time I've been eating
      there, I've never had any pie. Never any room left over.

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      1. re: Chuckles the Clone

        The boys had ordered extra biscuits all round, so it was a major disappointment to hear they were out. The corn muffin wasn't anything special. I liked the creamy textured grits. These aren't fancy stoneground grits, but they were longcooked and very plump and soft.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          I have to weigh in and say that I don't think the biscuits are exceptional. They're not bad, but not exceptional, sort of like the rest at LTPQ. I always order them over the other choices, but then, you'd have to tempt me with something pretty special to win over a biscuit! Hash browns are pretty good here, well crisped. I've never ordered pie, either, just breakfast (there's always plenty of it).

          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

            You've not had pie either? I'm curious about the crust, as the lemon icebox pie had graham cracker bottom. Maybe I should just stop by for pie.

            The pork chop and gravy here pales in comparison to Vallejo's House of Soul. But no breakfast there, just lunch and dinner.

          2. re: Melanie Wong

            Yeah, the corn muffin wasn't that great. The straight-up Joy Of Cooking cornbread is better. But I really do like the biscuits - they're the flattish, fluffy kind that Popeye's makes, except obviously they're made with actual, you know, ingredients. The chicken and waffles aren't amazing, either, but they're good. I mostly like the biscuits and grits, and just the place itself. The owner's young son sometimes refills lemonade and such things, and he's a riot - really serious when his dad is watching, and then goofy when he's not.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Link up:

            Lois the Pie Queen
            851 60th St, Oakland, CA 94608

            1. I have not been in a while but when I did go fairly regularly I always ordered the salmon cakes, grits and eggs over easy with bisquits, always a line on Sun. morns always terrific. the salmon cakes were well fried, well seasoned and grits creamy and flavorful.