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Aug 21, 2006 11:01 PM

Sides for lobster get-together?

Our estate group where I work is gathering on Sept. 2nd for annual get-together with SO's and/or children (and maybe some without SO's)and our SVP has graciously decided to provide lobster for all of us...but this will be very casual, around the pool of one of our other co-workers at his home...we already have 3 salads coming and I need to sign up to bring something...I'm stumped! Was thinking a warm rice pilaf of some kind...? But, of course, everyone will be so very focused on the lobster...nobody has signed up to bring a chocolate dessert (so I was thinking maybe my favorite Double Chocolate Layer Cake from epicurious) but someone is bringing apple tarts and someone is bringing a spinach-artichoke dip...I'm open to suggestions and thank you all for your advice in advance...this is a kick-ass board!

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  1. Corn on the cob and that chocolate cake of yours.

    BTW, what is an "estate group"?

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      Thanks for the suggestions, RCC...sorry, estate group as in estate settlement/administration for a large trust company (trust clients sometimes name our bank and usually a family member to administer some very complicated estates).

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        Corn on the cob is definitely the way to go. Since it's casual, your hands will already be messy from the lobster and thus a non-utensil food like corn on the cob is the perfect match. Plus if it is a lobster boil, you can see if they can boil it together to get some of the flavor of the lobster into the corn. I actually, prefer my corn on the cob grilled, but it is easier to just boil it.

      2. --Platter of Roasted Vegetables -- asparagus, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, artichokes, whatever

        with roasted garlic marinade and fresh herbs sprinkled on top

        --Finger food such as cocktail size spanakopita; stuffed baby pita pockets with pesto and veg.; stuffed tomatoes

        Canapes topped with whatever you want -- if it's lobster you probably don't want to go with cheese, turns some people off. Perhaps hummous, babaganough, roasted peeper spread, spinach spread, various veg., olives, artichokes,

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          I agree -- something for the non-lobstah folk is nice...what about a nice green salad or a pesto tortellini salad?

        2. Stuffed Quahogs would be good.

          or Linguica or Choriso on pita or rolls are other things we would have at our clam boil in addition to lobster and corn

          1. I concur with a slightly spicy addition such as a grilled chorizo perhaps slathered with a hint of bbq sauce and then wrapped in a grill warmed tortilla as a good finger friendly food. No muss.

            1. I've always liked just really good potato chips like Kettle brand with lobster and blueberry pie for dessert. I don't like much distraction from the flavor of the lobster. Deviled eggs might make a good appetizer offering, I know that there are a few people out there who don't like them but but they are ini a minority and try making them with a really good imported butter instead of mayo. I like to cut mine across the middle instead of length wise and cut a tiny slice off of the end so that they stan up nicely and pipe the filling in. The butter instead of mayo is a wonderful thing.