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good tex mex/mexican/spanish in downtown crossing / financial district?

does it exist? or do my coworkers and i have to use dining-in?

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  1. I grew up in Texas, and I don't think that there is any good TexMex anywhere in Boston. Rudy's in Somerville is sort of close, but nothing is really even in the game. Sorry.

    1. Seemingly all the tex mex/mexican/spanish options in downtown crossing seem to draw at least as many angry chowhound barks as they do howls of gastronomic delight...

      As a starting point, what dining-in option(s) were you and said coworkers thinking of leveraging to satisfy your craving?

      1. Hi,

        I've mentioned and reviewed it a couple of times here, but my favorite (and my co-workers', once I took them there), is called Tequila's Mexican Grill, on Bromfield St., next to Silvertone. If you do a search, I'm sure the prior reviews will come up.

        It's a tiny place, but it does have some table seating. It's usually packed at lunchtime, but give it a try.

        1. Boloco on Pearl Street (also one on Water Street) isn't bad, though it's really more of a quick dine-in/takeout place. I had a Bangkok burrito there recently which was pretty tasty. Definitely not a destination place by any means, but a good spot for lunch if you work in the area.

          1. The real stuff is pretty limited in this area. For Tex-Mex, I think there's a place in Faneuil Hall...is it Zuma? No Spanish around here that I know of.

            For Mexican, places with plenty of seating but mediocre if not bad food (in my opinion) include:
            Fajitas and Ritas

            Places with good food and limited seating:
            Tequilas (though I haven't been there in years)
            Andale (this is my number one choice for Mexican food)
            Burrito Express

            Places with good food but no seating:
            Sabrosa (outside Filene's)

            1. Zuma's in Faneuil Hall is excellent. They have the usual fajita, taco, burrito choices but they also offer some creative daily specials. I recently enjoyed a bowtie pasta dish with chicken and a poblano cream sauce. Wash it down with their sangria and you'll be happy!

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                Zuma's is excellent? Um, OK.

                Since you've ordered from Dining In, I guess take out is OK? I'm going to second a few places already mentioned: Burritos Express, Andale, and Sabrosa. I also just got back Tequila's Mexican Grill, and had the Salvadorean style enchiladas, and based only on that, it definitely has potential as well.

                I would not even remotely consider Boloco as Mexican. I enjoy some of their wraps. But Mexican? No.

                Qdoba is a big chain. Nuff said.

              2. Qdoba isn't bad for a chain, but I'd opt for other places in the area. I've heard really good and really bad things about Zuma; tough to know who to believe on that one. I'll have to try Andale--heard it's very good. Boloco used to be The Wrap, I believe, so I can see your point about it not being Mexican, but their burritos are pretty good!

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                  Friends don't let friends eat at Qdoba, which is so bland it might as well be Old Country Buffet.

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                    :-D Dax, I'm not sure anything can be THAT bad! Although someone I know who does bike races loves the Old Country Buffet because he and his teammates can get a dinner plate full of ice cream (they put their plates under the swirl machines) after riding for 100 miles...uh, in retrospect, probably not a good overall strategy, IMHO.

                2. i ought to have defined more of the parameters for this query (sorry). we were looking for take-out or delivery for dinner.

                  our dining-in options were sol azteca, el pelon, or zuma's. are those our best bets?


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                    Viva Burrito on Staniford is open for dinner. I've been a tad underwhelmed the few times I've been, but it seems to have a pretty loyal following.

                    For better or worse, it bears more resemblance to the "fresh Mex" style places out West than the other dinner options you've listed. If nothing else, it's fairly inexpensive, and they deliver.

                  2. Are you seeking Tex/Mex, Mexican or Spanish? They're not the same.

                    I'm not aware of any Spanish food in the area you requested.

                    Burrito Express and Tequila Grill are both good versions of Mexican tacqerias.

                    Qdoba is probably your best bet for Tex/Mex. I don't think much of the place but it's very popular..and is amazingly a nice option for a catered office lunch..they seem to do large groups well; but I will not return for an individual meal.