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Aug 21, 2006 10:54 PM

Looking for Korean BBQ in or anywhere near (or far from) North Miami Beach?

I just had Korean BBQ in Los Angeles and it blew my mind out the back of my head. I would love to find some in Florida. If you know of any Korean BBQ joints, please let me know. I'm dying to get back on the grill with some Kalbi and, hopefully, some apple salad on the side. Please help me!!!

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  1. Kyung Ju is on NE 167th St. west of I-95. It's perfectly fine general-purpose Korean. It will probably not blow your mind. Of the ones in Borward, Da Mee Rak in Lauderhill is probably a bit better but I reckon not enough so to justify another 40 minutes drive time.

    If you want jigaes, not barbecue, and you happen to be in Weston for some bizarre reason, Myung Ga makes its own tofu. They have some BBQ on the menu, but without hoods or built-in grills, it's not really a place to go specifically for it.

    1. I heard where the Miami Fashion District has become a Korean enclave. New Times ran a story a while back. I'm not sure the name, nor whether they do BBQ, but the article did insist there was authentic grub in said hood. The area is only opened during the day for lunch. It may worth snooping around for? NW 5th Ave south of NW 29th Street.

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        I have been told by very reliable sources (Koreans) that the place in the fashion district I tried recommending, but didn't know the name, is no longer any good. The chef left. They recommended two places up in Broward...whose names escape me!

      2. The only two places I know of, and not sure if BBQ is on the menu is Shila (near Flagler and 87th) and Sakura (the Doral location). Sakura is much more passable than Shila, but not sure which of the two has BBQ.

        1. Are Da Mee Rak and Japan Hill the same restaurant and is it still open for business? I haven't been there for years. Lately I have been enjoying Gabose. I have to say that the service can be pretty terrible at Gabose. However, when the owner's daughters are in town the service is more than acceptable.

          One thing I have observed when dining at Korean restaurants. I believe they profile American patrons and adjust the offering of banchan according to what they think the Americans will eat. Personally, I think this is unfair because it shortchanges the newbie ethnic diner on the aunthenticity of the experience. Second, part of the reason I go to Korean restaurants is because I thoroughly enjoy all the different banchan. I make a point of telling the server to bring out all the banchan that they would bring out for native diners.