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Aug 21, 2006 10:42 PM

Culinary Adventure in Phoenix over the Weekend

So being newly pregnant I have discovered one of the many joys in early pregnancy is food cravings. Translate I want it and I want it now. With that being said the Hubby and I embarked on three really good meals this weekend. All three places have been reviewed countless times, but I more or less wanted to drop a note to say they all still stand the test of time.

Saturday Lunch was had at Phoenix City Grill at 16th and Bethany Home. Both the hubby and I had the blackened chicken sandwich, one with shoestring fries the other with side salad and honey lime vinagerette dressing. So good! This is one of the best chicken sandwiches in town. Never Dry, great crusy seasame seed roll and huge! (I ended up having lunch for two days.)

Saturday Dinner was with Gayle and the Hubby at Chino Bandito on 19th ave and Greenway. What more can you say about this place that hasn't already been said. I could swim in their black beans (they use olive oil in them) and the Jerk Fried Rice will make you weep with joy.

Sunday I work up bright eyed and hungry, actually starving. The only thing I new was going to help was breakfast from Richardson'. I have been on a big blueberry kick lately and Richardson's make the most amazing blueberry pancakes. Wait a minute you are saying... Why would you go to Richardson's and not order something with Red Chile??? Trust me on the pancakes, these guys know how to work a griddle and the blueberries are huge and fresh.

Overall a lovely culinary adventure this weekend.

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  1. Three great recommendations, Leanne. PCG often gets overlooked and it really is a great gem in that area.

    And you are correct about Chino Bandito. I love the place. Jade Chicken Quesadilla. YUM!

    1. Dang, now I need another jade chicken quesadilla and pancakes.

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        And to think, the Chandler Chino's was *this* close to opening for breakfast. Alas, they changed their mind, and now the world will never know about jerk chicken waffles.