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Aug 21, 2006 10:40 PM

thai in logan, utah

ok, groovin et al, you may need to make a pilgrimmage to Logan. Or atleast visit Kamin when you are here. It's been open since October, located next to the Baugh motel. Charming restaurant (it ishoused in a home owned by old family friends of my family, very nice grounds, very comfortable). Lots of items on the menu I didnt recognize, i.e. don't appear on slc menus. we started with fried calamari and corn cakes. both were coated in a too-thick batter, calamari wasnt very good, although tender, corn cakes were like corn fritters and quite good. I had panang beef, really good. brother in law ordered the green curry, which was terrific. sister had pad thai (in order to give her a frame of reference to places in the East Bay area) and it also was excellent. Let me tell you, they definitely don't dumb down the spice. Service was superb. I look forward to exploring the menu in future visits to my ancestral homeland. go aggies! p.s. crumb brothers bakery is here in Logan, they supply Liberty Heights in SLC. Wonderful bread, beautiful modern bakery, serve sandwiches. My hometown is growing up.

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  1. I'm glad to hear a (mostly) positive review of Kamin. Maybe I will have to try it again. I wasn't impressed with my first visit and definitely (based on my experience) wouldn't recommend anyone from Salt Lake to drive up and visit it, when they have Thai Garden, Chanon, Pawit's, etc., etc. in their own backyard.

    The larb tasted "off". We weren't asked a preference for spiciness, and everything arrived very bland, including the green curry. Maybe this would all be more easily forgiven if the prices were cheap or reasonable, but it was just as expensive as any of the Thai restaurants I have been to in SLC or Vegas - or moreso.

    I did enjoy my Tom Ka Gai. Satay was good - just what anyone would expect from this basic dish.

    Since moving to Logan 4 years ago, I have always wished we could get some Thai food here, so I was very excited when Kamin opened. Maybe we were spoiled by our fairly recent visits to Lotus of Siam in Vegas and Thai Garden in SLC.

    I really wanted to give Kamin a few more months to settle and try it again, but I don't think I can convince my husband to go back.

    By the way, our favorite places to eat in Logan are:

    La Roca Taqueria (cheap little Mexican restaurant where you can have tacos, tortas, rice, beans, horchata, chips, fresh salsas, quesadillas, caldo de camaron, palletas for desseret, and spend barely $10.00 for two people)

    Indian Oven (not the best Indian ever, but still delicious and awesome to have Indian food in Cache Valley, even if it is in a gas station!)

    Le Nonne (Italian in the old Grapevine house. I love their lamb special, carpaccio, gnocchi, ravioli in brown butter/sage sauce, and everything else I've ever eaten there.)

    I've been sad since the Vietnamese place closed, and also Greek Olive and Norma Jean's BBQ.

    1. Update on Kamin:

      I was on the USU campus one day running a work errand, and the Thai student association was serving lunch on the patio as a fundraiser. The food was from Kamin, and I decided to give it another go. The satay seemed better than any I had ever had, and my yellow curry was delicious. A nice little spring roll accompanied. I decided I needed to try Kamin again. Convincing my husband was the next chore.

      On my first attempt, we ended up going to Korea House BBQ instead, and had a great meal...and so inexpensive. Glad to have another place to add to our small roster of enjoyable restaurants in Logan.

      A few weeks later, we went to kamin with my brother-in-law and his fiancee. We definitely had a better experience than before, with some good fresh spring rolls, tom kha gai, and...well, I can't remember exactly what else we ordered except for Spicy Basil Noodles (also called Drunken Noodles on the menu)...which is something I will return to again and again.

      We went by ourselves about a month ago and had a curry duck dish that was outstanding, and a red snapper dish my husband loved. We had the fried bananas for dessert, but they were a little overdone.

      After telling my boss about my various Kamin experiences, she told me that they have had three differnt chefs since they opened, each one better than the last. They should stick with the one they've got now. We went there for a work Christmas lunch last week and everything was great, including the green and yellow curries. I didn't love the sweet and sour, because that is just too boring for me, but the pork in it was tasty and had a good texture, as did the beef in a noodle dish we got. None of that slimy-rubbery-tendon-y stuff you get at cheap Chinese restaurants sometimes.

      I returned to Kamin again the next night with my husband and a friend who is picky and had never had Thai food. Even he was pleased.

      It's still not the best Thai restaurant I've been to---Lotus of Siam holds a very special place in my heart. But it is a very worthwhile choice, especially for Logan.

      Lunch prices are very reasonable. Around 6.95 and you get a bowl of soup.

      Oh, I almost forgot...amazing homemade ice creams. The lavendar honey is very unique, the mango sorbet is so refreshing, and the coconut is to die for. Haven't tried the ginger or the other flavor I can't remember.

      Service is good and attentive, and the rooms are bright, clean, and quite elegant.

      1. thanks for the update, glad things are improving. btw, what is the location of the indian restaurant? the tacqueria? and is La Nonne open for lunch? tia

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          Le Nonne is open for lunch Monday through Friday 11:00ish to 2:00ish, and dinner Monday through Saturday 5:00 to I think 9:30. No lunch on Saturdays.

          La Roca, the tacqueria I like, is at approximately Main Street and 1450 North (on the West side of Main). It is in a small strip mall. Chili's is on the northwest corner of 1400 N and main. Directly north of Chili's is a small strip mall that has Salon Essentials, Liberty Tax, a cell phone store(?), and at the west end, La Roca. The Camarones soup and the chorizo or carnitas tacos are my favorites. Small traditional tacos $1 each. The torta, super quesadilla, and chiles rellenos are also good.

          Indian Oven is located in a gas station at 700 East and 1000 North. (South east corner). I think Salt Lake magazine gave it an award in its "best of" issue: Best Use of a Gas Station. The restaurant used to be only curtained off from the rest of the gas station, but it is now framed in (finished). Lunch is take out only, with a buffet available for $6.95. Dinner is sit down or take-out, with an expanded buffet for $7.95. Good, but not outstanding food, but it satisfies my craving for Indian...something I never thought would happen in Logan! They also carry a wide variety of spices, ingredients, and packaged mixes so you can make your own at home. Restaurant open until about 10:00, I think. Arrive early for best and freshest buffet items. The service is so attentive and perfect...they learn your name, recognize you, *never* let a water glass go empty, bring fresh naan to the table hot out of the oven, even when you just got the buffet.

        2. thanks for the great information. my parents still live in Logan and its nice to have some new dining options.

          1. We were diverted, on New Years Eve a year or so ago, driving from Jackson Hole, WY through Logan to SLC during a snowstorm . We pulled into what looked like a Pizza place for dinner and asked someone in the parking lot who was leaving whether it was any good. Sensing their deep hesitation, we asked if they had any recommendations.

            It just so happened, this couple's daughter and son in-law (who is from Italy) owned a little restaurant in town. It was NYE mind you, but a call from this nice couple got us in.

            We arrived at this lovely converted victorian, greated warmly by the owner and immediately felt at home. They had a wonderful contemporary Italian style menu and a very nice wine list. Everything was delicious. It was a memorable meal just when we were expecting uninspired food on the road..... after a very long and trying day. It made our NYE special.

            Can you tell me if La Nonne fits this description and is the restaurant that we visited?