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Best knish in Manhattan, 2006

If a friend were coming in from out of town and you wanted to turn him/her on to a classic NYC knish, where would you go (in Manhattan)? I know this has been hashed out before, but an update seems in order since the NYC knish scene is in quite a state of flux in recent years. I live a little ways upstate and don't get into the city often enough to be really up on what's going on.

FWIW, my first instinct would be to head for Schimmel's if only for the historical value. (Knishes were decent there last time I visited, but not transcendent).

Actually, I'm interested in the current state of knish-kind in the outer boroughs as well, if only for my own reference. (I doubt I'd succeed in dragging any visitors out to Brooklyn, Queens or wherever).

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  1. i was recently at Schimmels and I loved it.

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      I just had a Yonah Shimmel kasha knish today. In a word "disgusting", threw it out.

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        Hi, there. I'm a reporter at Time Out, and I'd love to chat with you as soon as possible; I'm looking for Yonah Schimmel fans! Pleas try me at avanburen@timeoutny.com if you're interested in being interviewed & possibly photographed for a story. Free knishes will be involved! Thanks!

      2. my sister and brother-in-law (who grew up in L.I.)were here visiting from the bay area last week where they have lived for the last 3o something years....my brother-in-law is trying to convince me to fed-ex him kasha knishes from artie's on the upper west side..not a place i ordinarily would have gone into but hey they wanted a quick bite before leaving for the airport and they were staying around the corner...he loves the knishes from yonnah schimmel but seems to be beside himself over these and everything else he ate there..he has called several times and suggests having with a fried egg for breakfast...artie's is @ 85th(?) and broadway...might have to send some so he will leave me alone..

        1. I had the most amazing Kasha knish at Katz's. Cannot vouch for anything but the Kasha there.

          1. I agree with the OP on Yonah Schimmel (not worth a detour), and have little use for Artie's except for their excellent franks.

            I'd certainly go with Katz's for pastrami, but think that Carnegie Deli has a better kasha knish (I have nothing to say on potato); that said, my favorite kasha knish in the metro area is Hobby's Deli in downtown Newark.

            1. I went to the Carnegie for a tongue sandwich to go with a potato kinish. They packed a turkey sandwich by mistake. I called them from home and they said come back when I can and they will give me a tongue sandwich. So, I ate the kinish and it was sour. I threw it out. The next week I came back for the tougue sandwich and bought another kinish. That kinish was ok but not great.

              1. I think that Knish Knosh in Forest Hills Queens has the best Knish by far. The also make mini-knishes which are awesome. Their pig-in-a-blanket are great too.

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                  Totally agree!

                  My dad used stop there every so often for a box of the knishes to freeze. He always got us a tray of the pigs in blankets. My sister and I would just pop them in the Toast-R-Oven and snack away.

                  I think KK makes the best round knishes available in the NY area.

                2. Knish Nosh blows Yonah Schimmel away.

                  1. Zabar's actually makes a good knish as well. It all depends on what style of knish you prefer.

                    1. Knish Knosh is the best. Still pretty much the same size and taste for the 50 years I've been eating them. But I do miss the Liver Knish. Kasha and potato rock my world.

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                        I'll be in Queens soon. I'll stop at Knish Nosh and buy a bunch to take home. Do they re-heat well?

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                          Yes, but definitely NOT in the microwave. Only oven or toaster oven. But I'd like to think you knew that already. Make sure you grab a hot dog and wash it down with a Dr. Brown's as long as you are going to be there anyway.

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                            Yeah, I did know that--but it does bear mentioning for anyone who doesn't!

                            A Cel-Ray goes mighty fine with a knish. I'm a vegetarian so I'll pass on the hot dog.

                            "Shayna Madel"... Love the name! :)