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Aug 21, 2006 10:01 PM

Just In: Larchmont Grill

Just had lunch @ the Larchmont Grill. It's been vacant forever and glad to see the old place buzzing with some action. We had:

1) Portabello mushroom sandwich w/grilled peppers, goat cheese and arugula on warm, soft and airy pannini. Mushroom cooked just right, peppers were of the sweet grilled roasted variety. Side of mixed greens, candied walnuts and sweet cherry tomatoes. Perfectly dressed w/a light balsamic.

2) Club sandwich with chunks of tender grilled chicken, smoked bacon, tomatoes, lettuce on a hollowed out baguette. Loved the chunkyness of this sammich. Really flavorful and filling. French fries on the side come in a mini deep-fry basket with paper. Crisp, fluffy and just the right saltiness. Mmmm, damn good.

3 BLT Salad with butter lettuce, blue cheese, smoked bacon, avocadoes and tomatoes with a creamy ranch style dressing. Like eating the best BLT you've ever had w/o the bread.

For a place that just opened, where half the chairs still hadn't shown up and the bathroom is still under construction (they don't fully open until Sept 5th or so) it was a fantastic lunch. Super friendly service was attentive and eager. Food was tasty and fresh and on target. 9 bucks for a sandwich and salad. If it tastes like that, I'm in. The few pastas and steaks that passed our table made me wish I could eat more. And, get this, we got a parking ticket and the owner picked it up because he felt bad he'd forgotten to tell us about the street cleaning. I'm sure that won't happen again. But I will when they start serving dinner.

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    1. re: Jack Flash

      It's at the old "House" space, a block west of Larchmont on Melrose. I just found out that the owner is the guy from ex-incendo and used to own tahiti on 3rd.

      1. re: mssreatalot

        Jay was formerly with ex-incendo and Indigo on 3rd, not Tahiti, as Jay himself explained to all as a result of a post I made a couple of weeks ago. Indigo was where the All India Cafe is now at 8222 W. 3rd.
        I believe the common thread to Indigo and Tahiti was Tony di Lembo, yet was not Jay.

        1. re: carter

          thanks for the correction. I don't know the hours right now except that they're lunch only.

    2. Those dishes sound wonderful. Are they open limited days/hours now?

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      1. re: davinagr

        They are currently open for lunch, Monday through Friday; will open "all the way" the day after Labor Day. I just had friend had "Kitty's BLT" ("we only make it when the tomatoes are tasty!") which came with lovely fries...even lovelier, aioli to dip them in! Heaven! According to the aforementioned Jay, the tomatoes come from his garden. He also says the fries will be "better" but they're really good already, close to perfection. (My idea of perfect fries is golden shatteringly crispy on the outside, creamy and melt-y on the inside; with aioli!) I had the fried chicken salad. Four strips of (probably brined) chicken breast, which I ordinarily eschew, but this was so incredibly moist and tender, in a very light batter, that it could not have been improved upon. The "salad" part was mixed greens with little roasted corn kernels, blackeyed peas, strips of roasted red pepper, etc. The dressing was probably a little too unobtrusive...could use a bit of a flavor punch-up. But of course the chicken itself was so incredible that I had to eat every bite (and dip the last pieces in the aioli--couldn't waste that!) that if I'd eaten all the rest of the salad my stomach might've exploded. Just as well that they haven't got dessert happening yet (possibly Thursday!).

        The room is not quite finished--if one's stomach were to explode, this would be the time, before the carpet's in--but is already attractive. We will be going back....

        1. re: LT from LF

          I'm glad you tried the chicken. I wanted to have a go at it but my cholesterol told me, "no"
          Jay is great, the place is great. I can't wait till they're dialed in with the space and such, but if this is the level they're at and they just started...

      2. I'm SO there! Thanks for the wonderful review :-)

        1. Went here for lunch today, food was excellent with a great sense of freshness to everything. Jay and staff were super friendly and attentive. Prices are very reasonable as well. If they keep this up I forsee many meals at Larchmont Grill.

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