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Aug 21, 2006 09:48 PM

Seeking sources for fresh chilies

Hi all---

I'm searching for Boston area sources that regularly have a good variety of fresh chilies in stock. I'm specifically looking for fresh chilies used in Mexican and South American dishes.

I expected to not have any luck searching local grocery stores for more exotic peppers such as rocoto, mirasol, or other "aji" chilies, but I'd have thought that certain varieties, such as fresh Anaheim chilies, would be easy to locate--- not so much. I usually see only the standard jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, and (usually) poblanos.

If someone could point me in the direction of a decent supermarket, ethnic grocer, or farmer's market in the Boston area that could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Failing that, I'd be willing to hear recommendations for a good online vendor (though I assume that would be more expensive.)


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  1. get off the t at maverik on the blue line. there are a whole bunch of mexican grocers there. you should be able to find just about anything.

    1. try tu y yo restaurant on broadway in somerville, i think they sell all kinds

      1. I've found Anaheim chiles at Whole Foods in Newtonville and at Shaw's in Newtonville. Russo's also has a wide selection of chiles. The Super 88 Market also stocks a wide variety of chiles and increasingly is carrying products for Mexican and South American cooking, so you may want to check them out as well.

        1. Finding fresh chilies is near impossible in Boston. HI-LO in JP has every kind of dried chili (including the ones you mentioned).

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            Agreed, fresh is going to be tough. Even in my own garden I've only got jalapeƱos, cayennes, and habaƱeros (anybody need some fresh cayennes? I've got a bumper crop this year!)

            La Internacional grocery in Union Sq Somerville is another good source for many types of dried ones.

          2. I saw fresh chilis at Verrill Farms in Concord yesterday, but didn't manage to catch which varieties they were.