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Aug 21, 2006 09:17 PM

What's your house wine?

I'm curious in finding out what wines do others keep in stock for everyday, house wines. I've been through a lot but still undecided. Recently mine are the Boggle OVZ for the red and Domaine Allamant Pinot Gris for the white.

What's yours?

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  1. Good topic! I like Ca Del Solo Big House Red, or Coppola Rosso for my red table. For white, it used to be this extremely inexpensive Australian Chardonnay, Banrock Station, that I liked for their using earth-friendly growing practices and the top notes of pineapple, lemon, and grass (surprisingly enough). But lately it seems to have flattened out, and I try to keep around some Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc as a backup, or one of several pinot grigios.

    I hardly know anyone who drinks whites anymore, but I prefer them for most of the year. It's so hot here.

    1. I'm waiting for the next vintage of Marquis Philips Holly's Blend (Australia) to hit the shelves. It's a white wine blend that reminds me of a good dry sauvignon blanc, and its biggest selling point is that it's incredibly fragrant. I've seldom found wines under $20 to have such a lovely aroma, and Holly's Blend is usually $12 and under. St. Supery also makes an excellent sauvignon blanc that's almost as good as the Holly's blend but sells for $15-20. I think St. Supery just has more star status as it is a California wine and styles itself as "King of sauvignon blanc."

      I usually drink reds, and have a few favorites:
      -Pepperwood cabernet sauvignon for daily drinking ($5-10).
      -Cellar No. 8 cabernet sauvignon when I'm bored with Pepperwood ($10-12)
      -Seghesio zinfandel for when I cook a nice meal at home ($15-20). I love big California zinfandels and Seghesio is one of my favorites in any price range.
      -Benziger reserve wines are what I pull out for special occassions. Their lower end wines are nothing to brag about, but their reserve wines are consistently excellent and some of my favorite wines ever ($35-70).

      As you can tell, I love Sonoma.

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        You might like T-Vine. Their Zins are in the high 20s, so definately doesn't fall into the everyday drinking category, but would fit in perfectly for your nice meal at home or special occassions. Their syrah is nice also.

        I found my Chateau Lammont for $2 for a 375ml at the bargain bank, but they don't have it anymore. I gotta find a new everyday white.

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          I was drinking the Rosenblum Richard Sauter (very big, very jammy) as a house red and picked up the Seghesio Sonoma County when my local store ran short of the Rosenblum. Now I'm glad they did! The Seghesio is more balanced and very tasty ($18). I like Big Ass Cabernet for a house red, too - a good buy at $15.

          We've also been drinking Toasted Head Chardonnay for white (around $12) and Zardetto Prosecco for sparkling ($9).

          1. re: Striver

            I love the Zardetto. This time of year I just go ahead and acknowledge I have a bellini problem. And sgroppinos for a digestif are terrific in this kind of heat. Pairs just fine with Thai and sushi, in my book.

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              The Zardetto rocks. I bought a case of it and keep in in the fridge just in case, and it is perfect.

        2. second vote for the Big House Red, and also the Big House White, from Bonny Doon. $8 - $11, depending on whether it's on sale that week at the grocery store. everyone seems to like it, and they get a kick out of the screw cap.

          1. The "house wine" depends on what's available.

            This year the house red has been Il Bastardo, a Tuscan 100% Sangiovese that's knocking me dead for $6.15. Last year I was steadily drinking some Bandol that was heavy on the Mourvedre - smoking!

            In the past I have done a lot of Paralelle 45 at one point, before that Torres Coronas, Concha y Toro from Chile, hey let's go to the wayback when I was drinking a lot of Trakia Cabernet from Slovakia.

            The house white is currently Willm Pinot Gris which was a killer Alsace for $6 the half-bottle and is still viable at $8. This wine has been available to me for a couple of years so it has had a relatively long reign as house white.

            I know at some point I was consistently buying Wyndham's 666 Chardonnay (hey, it was a buck cheaper than Lindeman's Bin 65).

            I also try to always have some sub-$10 German Riesling around for casual drinking. Nope, the maker doesn't matter.

            1. We've been on a kick with Rene Barbier Mediterranean Red....learned about it in a recent Spanish wines class we took & have been addicted ever since. Bonus is we have a wine shop a few doors down from our apartment that sells it for 2 for $8.!!!! Needless to say we've stocked our cellar with it. Excellent, terrific bargain red....worth MUCH more than $4. a bottle!! Rene Barbier makes other great Spanish wines as well.

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                Second Rene Barbier for the price (not as cheap as you get it but $6 usually). I thought our state store (PA) stopped carrying it because we couldn't find it in the Spanish section. Then we found it in with Argentinian or Chilean wines. D'OH!!