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Aug 21, 2006 09:15 PM

Good lunch in West Oakland?

I'm working at a new job in West Oakland, at 3rd and Adeline specifically, and I've been hitting the taco truck far too often. I'm wondering if anyone has any good lunch recommendations in the area. I'm close to Jack London, which is probably my best bet, but parking can be such a pain so I'd love ideas for places that aren't in Jack London... same for downtown Oakland. Can you think of any places that aren't in traffic congested areas and are easy to swing by and pick up lunch? And cheap is good too!

In a seperate question, when I do feel like venturing into downtown Oakland for lunch, where is your favorite place for a Vietnamese sandwich in Chinatown?


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  1. for the sandwiches, I would go to Cam Houng on Webster (between 9th and 10th) or BC Deli on Franklin between 8th and 9th.

    1. That's a real tough one. I've never seen anything down that way. I always thought a decent cafe/sandwich place near W.Oakland BART would do well.

      Investing in a $50 buck bike from Craig's List and leaving it at work might be the best bet. There's a few bikes at my job in SF (live in Oak) for exactly this reason...meetings/lunch beyond 3 blocks but too close for a public transpo or a cab. Saves an incredible amount of time.

      1. Nellie's Soul Food is right there at 3rd & Adeline. Search the board for posts. Good fried chicken.

        Chef Edwards BBQ on San Pablo around 19th Street is usually easy to park. They have a Piggly Wiggly pork sandwich that is quite good. Their other items are a bit inconsistent, although one time when I ordered some slabs of ribs a couple of days ahead of time, they were some of the best ribs I've had.

        The supermarket in the shopping center at 7th & Market has a Korean deli inside that is good too, although when I've been there, the staff doesn't understand English very well.

        1. West Oakland is a tough one for the food.

          I second the recommendation for the Korean grocery store/deli, called Eugene, on 7th and Brush (or is it Castro?). It is in the GAteway shopping center. They have hot soups and other Korean dishes, served with all those delicious pickled things. Or, they also have packaged vegetable sushi to go. there is also a Subway in the store but who would choose Subway over the Korean feast?

          There is a Salvadorean place, called San Salvador, across from the WO BART station. It is next door to a barbershop called UpperKutz. Pupusas and other things are more than passable.

          There is a new cafe I read about across the street from the WO Post Office. Haven't been there, it has no sign.

          Island Cafe and Grill is up Mandela Parkway, just past Peralta I think. I've heard it is goo. It looks adorable from the outside. Bright yellow. They have vegi and non-vegi options. Only open for breakfast and lunch. Nancy Nadel holds some of her community meetings there I think.

          The bike idea is a good one. Keep it at work and ride to the many wonderful restaurants in Chinatown. I heartily recommend Cam Huong on Webster between 9th and 8th for Vietnamese sandwiches.

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            Say more about San Salvador. How's the curtido?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Can't remember anything remarkable about the curtido. If anything, not spicy. Now I want to go try a pupusa to jog my memory. Will report back when I do.

          2. Here's another vote for Cam Huong. Nellie's is also good, but if you are on a lunch "hour", you'll want to make sure they know that, or get takeout.

            On Fridays, there are lots of vendors at the Farmer's Market; plus there are several places up towards Old Oakland that are just as close as JLS or Chinatown (if not closer): Cockadoodle Cafe, Caffe 817, "B", Tamarindo.

            Also, straight down 3rd St. at Broadway is Soizic; one block up at 4th & Broadway is Ginza (sushi owned by a Korean family - great bulgogi).